Adventure into Romance with Shelley Munro
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Series Guide

House of the Cat

Captured & Seduced
Captured & Seduced
House of the Cat 1
Claimed & SeducedClaimed & Seduced
House of the Cat 2
Merry and SeducedMerry & Seduced
House of the Cat 2.5
Stranded & SeducedStranded & Seduced
House of the Cat 2.75
Seized & SeducedSeized & Seduced
House of the Cat 3
Hunted & SeducedHunted & Seduced
House of the Cat 4
Festive & SeducedFestive & Seduced
House of the Cat 5

Middlemarch Shifters

My Scarlet Woman My Scarlet Woman
Middlemarch Shifters 1
My Younger Lover My Younger Lover
Middlemarch Shifters 2
My Peeping Tom My Peeping Tom
Middlemarch Shifters 3
My Assassin My Assassin
Middlemarch Shifters 4
My Estranged Lover My Estranged Lover
Middlemarch Shifters 5
My Feline Protector My Feline Protector
Middlemarch Shifters 6
My Determined Suitor My Determined Suitor
Middlemarch Shifters 7
My Cat Burglar My Cat Burglar
Middlemarch Shifters 8
My Stray Cat My Stray Cat
Middlemarch Shifters 9
My Second Chance My Second Chance
Middlemarch Shifters 10
My Plan B My Plan B
Middlemarch Shifters 11
My Cat Nap My Cat Nap
Middlemarch Shifters 12
My Romantic Tangle My Romantic Tangle
Middlemarch Shifters 13

Middlemarch Capture

Snared by SaberSnared by Saber
Middlemarch Capture 1
Favored by FelixFavored by Felix
Middlemarch Capture 2
Lost With LeoLost with Leo
Middlemarch Capture 3

Dragon Investigators

Blue Moon DragonBlue Moon Dragon
Dragon Investigators 1
Blood Moon DragonBlood Moon Dragon
Dragon Investigators 2

Alien Encounter

Alien Encounter 1
Alien Encounter 2
Alien Encounter 3

Military Men

Innocent Next DoorInnocent Next Door
Military Men 1
Soldier With BenefitsSoldier With Benefits
Military Men 2
Safeguarding SorrelSafeguarding Sorrel
Military Men 3