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August 15th, 2008
The One About Animals

No photos today since I’m tired and can’t summon the energy to download my camera to my laptop. Last night we stayed at Grand Lake – actually outside Grand Lake – at a campground called Elk Creek in some darling little cabins. Mr. Munro has been very clever with our accommodation and we’ve stayed in a real mix. I was sitting our our terrace having a beer and watched a mouse run across the steps. Mice don’t scare me (unless they choose to run over my feet) so I continued sipping my beer and casually mentioned it to hubby. When he investigated, he found more mice. A family of the wee things. Later that night I kept hearing noises and at one stage shot upright in bed and woke Mr. Munro. It was raining and the patter on the roof had woken me. The mice hadn’t decided to come inisde out of the cold, so I went back to sleep.

Today we drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park. I purchased a book on mountain lions and questioned the ranger for some time. Ranger Michelle was lovely and my story idea is fermenting nicely after all the info she gave me. We saw some moose and stopped to take photos. We also stopped to take photos of some elk. Their antlers were HUGE. I don’t know how they manage to hold their heads up. When we traveled farther into the park, it started sleeting – freezing when you’re wearing shorts! I yanked more clothes out of the suitcase and layered. It worked all right and a hot cider at the information center at the top of the mountain completed the thaw. We enjoyed all our wildlife sightings. Next on the list is bison and beers. We have a list and we’re ticking it off. :grin:

Tomorrow we’re driving into South Dekota. Deadwood – here I come!

Oh, I forgot to say that we had a fun time in Cripple Creek and for the first time in history Mr. Munro and I won some money at one of the casinos. Me – the last of the big spenders who puts $1 at a time in the machines, played poker and won. I’m still in shock.

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed with all the wildlife you’ve been able to see through the park, that’s pretty good! When we go up to Algonquin Park in northern Ontario we usually see some moose, but this year we were also surprised and a little nervous when a black bear wandered into our campsite while we were having dinner at the picnic table. Luckily he was a little guy that kept on going after giving us a bit of a looksee, but we worried that mama bear wasn’t far behind.

  2. JK – we saw heaps more animals today. Some deer were grazing on the side of the road. I had my window down to take photos and one tried to stick its head inside the car. Hubby has a photo of the deer and the window half way up. I moved to shut the window REALLY quickly. We saw bison, bighorn sheep, proghorn deer, burros, praiere dogs and a fox today.

  3. Your story with mountain lions in it should be interesting; please let me know when it’s ready for the pubic. In Canada they are on the threatened list.