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September 10th, 2008
Crater Lake National Park

Our holiday is almost over and I won’t post again until we’re at home. We’ve had such a great time and seen so many wonderful places.

Yesterday morning we wandered around the gardens at our hotel. Here’s a sunflower shot. I like sunflowers. They always make me smile when I see them.

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Crater Lake is beautiful. Mr. Munro and I have visited before and this time we stayed at the lodge. A forest fire made the air hazy but it was still very pretty. We wandered along one of the trails and relaxed, soaking in the views. It’s a lovely place to chill out.

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Mr. Munro has caught the flu and spent all night (or what felt like all night) coughing, sneezing and blowing his nose. He’s a little better today. Hopefully he’ll shake the worst of it off after a good night of sleep. We’re driving back to San Francisco tomorrow to catch a flight home. I can’t believe how quickly the last six weeks has gone.

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  1. All I can say is wow. Amazing that you’ve been able to share this phenomenal trip with all of us, Shelley!

  2. Shelley, thank you for sharing your amazing six weeks away from home. Too bad about the colds, but you must have become over-tired at some step of the way. Drink lots of tea and lemon, stay in bed and rest.

  3. My pleasure. Despite being away for six weeks neither of us were ready to come home. We’re actually pondering our next holiday and hoping we win lotto. :grin: