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November 4th, 2008
Plain Wrong.

I went to my local town today to post parcels and do a few other things. A couple of the stores have Christimas trees in the windows and are in full-out Christimas advertising mode. We also have a few Christmas adverts on TV. No doubt the first of many to come.

I think it’s plain wrong to think about Christmas in early November. The year is going quickly enough as it is.

Am I the only one who thinks this way? Which date do you think Christmas promotions should officially start?

16 comments to “Plain Wrong.”

  1. Shelley, yes it’s just too early isn’t it. When I used to work in the CBD, I heard Christmas carols from about mid-October!! Yep, ludicrous. Also there’s the chocolate stockings already out and decorations for a few weeks now. Though I haven’t seen Christmas trees made up – yet! Here, once the Christmas Pageant is on the first week of November (usually), that’s when the shops go into full Christmas mode. Blah! I think late November, early December is enough to give you some festivity without taking it too far. Anyhow, isn’t Christmas about someone called Jesus? :wink:

  2. I saw a commercial this morning and went, “Ugh.”

    As someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I’d be happy never having to watch the hoopla. Although as I get older, I’m glad I don’t celebrate and have to agonize over what to get for Uncle Earle, who only leaves his bed on Christmas morning. Ya know?

  3. I guess this isn’t the time to tell you I started my xmas shopping today?! :blush:

  4. My sis-in-law’s birthday is on 1st Nov, and that’s her sign to *put her Christmas tree up*!!!!!!!!!

    That’s way too early for me. We put ours up over the first weekend in December and that’s plenty of time, I think!!

  5. Here in Northern California there was stuff out in some of the stores in late September. Way too early. December 1st is soon enough to start thinking about Christmas, hearing Christmas songs and seeing Christmas advertising.

  6. I used to work retail at a large department store. In September the fine china dept had a small Christmas display. By mid-October the entire store was decorated. We were wearing Halloween costumes and standing next to twinkling Christmas trees. Ridiculous.

    I noticed Christmas commercials on TV as early as a week before Halloween this year. They’re really hoping to capture our attention and capture our dollars since the economy stinks.

    Yes waaaaay too early for me! I love Christmas but come on!

  7. I agree. It is waaaay to early for Christmas things to be out. I think that the day after Thanksgiving is fine. Fair game then. Even for my 8 and 10 year old kids, it’s too early. They find it disappointing too.


  8. Be glad for Halloween. Here the funs starts in September. :eek:

  9. I thought it was too early when Halloween hadn’t even come and the stores here were advertising Christmas.

    I always wait until after my Dad’s birthday which is November 18 (same as Mickey Mouse) or after the Toronto Santa Claus Parade. Whatever comes first. :)

  10. Susan – we celebrate Christmas but hubby and I are never very excited about it. It’s always a relief when it’s over and done with and we can sneak home. My MIL in full Chrismas-mode is a little scary. :mad:

    Jenyfer – no, Christmas shopping is different. It’s all the full-on promotion and retailors trying to loosen my wallet that start to irritate me.

    LOL – I seem to be turning all “bah humbug!!”I’d better be careful the Christmas ghosts don’t come after me.

    I’m glad to see that it’s not just me. I think Christmas should start around my birthday, which is 8th Dec.

  11. I have to add that September is WAY to early. I think that would have sent me into hibernation. :lol:

  12. I think I can bring the big idiot down under to see you, sure. You gonna want backstage passes and free tickets and the whole shebang to go with the whole TrevorBang?

  13. Most of the radio stations here start playing Christmas music on Thanksgiving. I think that would be a good time to start with the Christmas decorations.

  14. Hiya, Trevor! Sure thing. The whole shebang is what I need. :wink:

    Jane – LOL – that’s another thing that seems plain wrong to me about Christmas. We have a summer Christmas and the Christmas carols are all about white Christimases. Thanksgiving is toward the end of November, right? That makes more sense to me than September.

    I’m full of complaints today! :grin:

  15. Oh, I know! It’s crazy this year. I saw Christmas commercials just after midnight on Halloween! Geez. Give a holiday a chance to be over before you start promoting the next one…

  16. Shoot, they started in SEPTEMBER here. It’s just sad, really.