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November 10th, 2008
Busy Weekend: Turtles, Elections and Animals

Mr. Munro and I haven’t had such a busy weekend for ages. We’re both glad the week is here so we can have a rest.

Our night with the turtles turned out to be a lot of fun. As well as seeing turtles, we had a behind the scenes tour, watched the antics of the penguins as they stole nesting rocks from each other and sat on their eggs. We watched the stingrays being fed and wandered around looking at all the fish. I really like the fact that Kelly Tarltons focuses on New Zealand fish rather than having tanks of tropical fish. We ended up sleeping next to the seahorses. All the kids headed for the sharks and we decided we’d like to sleep!

I haven’t had a chance to download my photos yet but will post some as soon as I’m organized.

On Saturday it was our election day. Mr. Munro and I did our civic duty and voted. The polling booth was busy but very efficient, and we were in and out in ten minutes. We are both thrilled with the result and pleased with our new Prime Minister elect, John Key. Neither of us liked the way our country was going and it’s obvious that many other New Zealanders felt the same way.

On Sunday we attended the Clevedon agricultural show. I had an awesome time watching the horses perform, going around all the cattle, goats, pigs, donkeys etc and checking out the food and wine. I also had a back to childhood moment at the sideshows, lining up with the kids to have a turn shoving balls into a clowns mouth. Hey, I won a yo-yo. It’s a very cool yo-yo because it glows in the dark. I’ve decided I need a miniature donkey. They are SO cute!! I have photos from the show, too.

As well as all this excitement I managed to keep up with my daily word quota and hit the 50,000 word mark. I’m very proud of myself.

How was your weekend?

15 comments to “Busy Weekend: Turtles, Elections and Animals”

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Looking forward to the pics. Congrats on the election.

  2. The aquarium PJ party sounds fun, as does the fair. But with all that you still managed to make your word count? I’m in awe! :eek:

  3. Oooh, can’t wait to see the pics!

  4. Miniature donkeys can be a lot of fun. I’ve been tempted more than once to add one to my family–though right now I want a riding mule.

    Yeah on the word count.

  5. It was a fun weekend.

    Jory – the miniature donkeys seemed to have really good natures. We don’t seem to have mules over here, although I saw quite a few during our recent holiday. I’m guessing a riding mule would be quite expensive?

  6. Congrats on on hitting 50k. AND I would’ve preferred the seahorses over sharks ANY DAY!!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend, even if it was very busy! Have a nice rest this week, and congrats on the wordcount.

  8. Wow you’re busy and you still got the word count in! My husband would’ve loved the turtles…

  9. Shelley-mules aren’t any more expensive here than horses. All depends on how much training has been put into them. There are plenty of “free” animals unfortunately, or those (horses in particular) sold to kill buyers by the pound for dog food/overseas human comsumption, just like we have shelters full unwanted dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. that are “put to sleep” the PC term for killed and disposed of (rendered into fertilizer I believe). As for the miniature donkeys, if they’ve been trained, treated well, they can be a lot of fun. If they’ve been mishandled, they can be trouble. When I was still doing my farrier thing I had a number of clients who had me trim their minis hooves. Some were like big dogs, delightful. Some were like a WWF wrestling match with me taking the beating.

  10. LOL on your glow in the dark yo-yo!!

    I like sea horses too, they are so strange and delicate looking.

    And congrats on your fantastic word count!

  11. Jory – that’s really interesting about the price of mules. Are they more placid than horses?

    Unfortunately we have a place not far from where we live where unwanted horses are sent. When my father used to do stock contracting for rodeos some of his bucking horse string were heading to the pet food company before he took them and used them at rodeos.

    The miniature donkeys we saw were lovely but I guess they’re much like Shetland ponies etc. If they’re handled and trained properly you don’t have problems.

  12. Christina – I love seahorses. The particular ones we have in New Zealand have big bellies. They’re called Big Belly somethings. (can’t quite remember) Since the males get pregnant and have the young, the females are attracted to the males that have the largest stomachs. This amused hubby and I because it’s the opposite in the human world. :mrgreen:

  13. Can’t wait to see your pics, Shelley.
    And congrats on 50 K!!!

  14. Shelley–I have no significant experience with mules (which is probably why I want one). I’ve got horses, and my impression is that you can’t approach a mule with the mindset that it’s a “horse with long ears.” “Respect” seems to be a bigger deal with them than it is with horses (i.e., horses put up with a lot more from humans than a mule will–which is not to say horses shouldn’t be approached and treated with respect, just that they’re more forgiving.) Before I’d actually take the plunge, I’d invest in a road trip and go to something like Bishop Mule Days and totally immerse myself in mule culture to make sure I really have what it takes to “own” a mule.

  15. Jory – that’s really interesting. If you go to a Mule Day, let me know. I’d love to know how you get on.

    I must ask my father if he’s come across any mules here. I don’t recall seeing any in NZ.