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December 21st, 2008
Holiday Stories

Each year I think about reading special seasonal stories for Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. I say to myself, “That’s a good idea. It would get you in the mood.” Somehow, that never happens. I never organize myself enough to follow through and the thought slips from my mind.

This year, though, was different! I’ve read two Christmas stories, and I thought I’d tell you about them.

The first was Sweet Charity by Lauren Dane. I was lucky enough to receive a sneak preview of this wonderful Christmas story before it comes out next week. Lauren writes such great characters. They’re always strong, and they know what they want. Charity, the heroine is a prime example of this. It’s coming up to Christmas and she decides to go after what she wants. Actually that should be “who” because she wants Gabriel. I’m not going to tell you more, except that it’s a great little story and I really enjoyed it. Here’s the link to the book page at Samhain. It’s available for purchase on 23 December.

The other story I read and enjoyed was A Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr. I’ve mentioned Robyn Carr a lot recently. I’ve fallen in love with her Virgin River series. I like the sense of community in the books, the repeat glimpses into characters’ lives from previous books and the small town setting. This one is set during the run up to Christmas and features Marcie and ex-marine Ian who has stepped away from life and lives as a hermit, high up on the mountain. Ian was Marcié’s husband’s senior officer (oops – that’s a mouthful!) and he tried to save Bobby. He carried him to medical transport but Bobby died. Marcie wants to track Ian down and give him some of her husband’s old letters. She wants to talk with him and thank him. Marcie changes Ian and helps him get the past into perspective.

This is a great book. It stands alone but your enjoyment will be much richer if you read the series from book one. And as an aside, if you start at book one now, you’ll be ready for the next three books in the series that come out back-to-back, starting in Feb 2009.

Do you like seasonal stories? Holiday stories? Do you read them? Do you have any favorites you’d like to recommend or do a mini review for in the comments section?

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  1. I tend to really like holiday stories, and definitely read them (for almost any holiday) year round :) I just read Kleypas’s Wallflower Christmas and that was a very fun follow-on to her Wallflowers. And a favorite on my keeper shelf is Jane Blackwood’s Maybe This Christmas in the Jingle All the Way anthology. It’s a second-chances story, and it just hit all the right buttons for me :)

  2. The only holiday story I’ve read is this anthology by Johanna Lindsey about my favorite series by her Mallory’s, it was very heartwarming.

  3. I don’t often read holiday stories unless it comes from an author that I would already automatically buy. I don’t know why that is, since I like watching holiday movies…

  4. Fedora – I used to really like reading Lisa’s stories, but I went off historicals for a few years. I’ll have to look for more of her books because I used to enjoy them. The other author you mentioned, I haven’t heard of, although the anthology title seems familiar. I’ll look for it because I like second chance stories.

    Amy – I have the earlier Mallory stories on my keeper shelves. James Mallory is an all-time favorite hero of mine.

    JK – as I mentioned, I’m never usually organized. I’ll often watch movies as well. This year I haven’t, but I’ve read books instead.

  5. I gotta say… I usually avoid them (but like JK, will pick them up if it’s a auto-buy author).
    Why? I dunno… maybe because I feel manipulated.
    Yes, I have issues *LOL*

  6. I do like reading holiday stories. I can read Halloween stories all day long. I am currently reading Jingle Bell Rock. So far, I’ve read Lori Foster’s story and I really enjoyed it. It was about two neighbors who were friends but end up getting together.


  7. Wylie – Issues, huh? :wink:

    Deidre – I really like Lori Foster’s stories. That’s a fairly recent anthology, isn’t it?

  8. The only Christmas story I tend to read at this time of year is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Although this year I’m changing slightly and will be reading, as a treat, Kidnapped for Christmas.

  9. I really go enjoy seasonal stories, mostly only around Christmas, though, since I don’t particularly care for Valentine’s Day. I can’t think of any Christmas stories except for the recent anthology To All A Good Night with stories by Donna Kaufman, Jill Shalvis and HelenKay Dimon. I enjoyed all three stories.

  10. I usually try to sneak a holiday read, or two, in every year.

    I read Lauren Dane’s Sweet Charity and loved it!

    You could also check out Elle James, Nick of Time. It’s a harlequin intrigue. It’s fast-paced, funny and original!

  11. Not big on seasonal stories, but then am not very into holidays as other people. I do read the ones from author’s i already know, like Lauren’s book which am looking forward to the release! I also fell in love with Robyn Carr’ books, i think it’s safe to say if you like an author you would probably like other writers they enjoy.

  12. NJ – I enjoy Elle’s books. I’ll look out for this one.

    Dayanna – thank you! BTW – there’s another Middlemarch book due out on 31 Dec. Not long to wait! :grin:

  13. I do like holiday themed books. One I really enjoyed recently was The Magical Christmas Cat.

    Here’s the beginning of a review I wrote:
    The Magical Christmas Cat anthology contains stories by Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh and Linda Winstead Jones. This has to be one of the most deceptive titles and book covers ever. The cover has a white cat and a snowglobe on it. You’d think at first glance (if you weren’t familiar with Singh and Leigh) that it would be perfect for your elderly cat-loving aunt. Well, if she loves graphic steamy sex scenes it would be.

    I also enjoyed All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks.

  14. I like to read seasonal stories to get me in the mood for relaxing, after all the hectic madness outside.
    My all time favorite is One Christmas Knight by Kathleen Creighton. This one is pretty much dusted off every Year!