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December 29th, 2008
Sweet Nothings

Yesterday I purchased Everything is Fine by Josh Turner for my iPod. His singing voice is amazing – all low and sexy and it gives me the shivers. The man could sing me my latest rejection letter and I’d say, “Yes, please. More.” Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s cute as well. Here’s the Youtube of him singing the song live at the Ole Opry so you can judge yourself.

Thoughts of sexy voices led me to accents. A guy could whisper a rejection letter to me in French or Italian and I’d ask him to say it again. Irish and Scottish accents are pretty sexy too, although since I’d understand what they were saying I mightn’t ask them to repeat it. Josh Turner is the only one who can get away with a repeat in English.

Here’s a Youtube of a girl talking in 21 different accents. She’s pretty good, but please, those of you who have met me in person – please tell me I didn’t sound like her version of a New Zealander!

PS. I listened to it again. Maybe the NZ accent isn’t too bad. Besides, I live in Auckland and not Wellington.

Which voices and accents do you find sexy? Who would you like to whisper sweet nothings in your ear? Who could read you bad news or a boring shopping list and you’d enjoy it?

22 comments to “Sweet Nothings”

  1. Mmm… I do tend to like Irish and Scottish accents, and I love Australian and New Zealand accents, too, but have to admit I can’t differentiate between them very well. You’re right though–a little bit of an accent can really set my interest humming!

  2. LOL!! I was wondering if she’d even attempt a Canadian accent – her Toronto one wasn’t too bad. She was totally amazing – thanks for posting that. If you like Josh Turner’s deep voice, you might like Brad Roberts from Crash Test Dummies.

    Here’s a link to the Superman Song from YouTube.

    Accents – Scottish accents make me wild. In a good way. (Gerard Butler, anyone?) Pretty much any accent from anywhere in the UK will get me. Aussies, too. And I’m a total sucker for a Russian accent, as well as the Scandinavian ones.

  3. Julia, you thought her Toronto accent was good? I was cringing and saying ‘we don’t sound like that!’ (okay, so my CP tells me I do say ‘aboot’ when I swear I don’t)

    And Josh Turner, holy moly, Shelley, you said he had a low voice but when he starts off there I was shocked at how low he gets! Wow!

    Accents – I love a good Scottish brogue or Irish burr, Aussie accents intrigue me, as do NZ ones … heck, I find most accents interesting to listen to and some I find it hard not to copy. I remember being down in Georgia and not being able to stop myself from ‘drawling’ afterwards. (Can you imagine a Canuck drawl? *Shudder*)

  4. There’s something about an English accent that I just LOVE.
    I could listen to Alan Rickman all day long. :mrgreen:

  5. I was born in bred in Toronto, I don’t sound like that … do I Shelley??


    For sexy, I love the Scottish Accent. Not the real Groundskeeper Willy type, the high class nice Gerry Butler type. *sigh*

  6. It’s funny how we’re all cringing when we hear that girl say “our” accents. We obviously don’t like listening to ourselves!

    I thought the Canadian accent was very nice to listen to. There! Can I come and visit with you again? :grin:

  7. I meant to add about English accents. Britain isn’t very big but the regional accents are very different. When we lived in London and worked in pubs we used to get lots of men from Liverpool and Manchester coming in. (they’d come down to London for work). Picture me – an innocent Kiwi girl trying to understand a drink order. He wanted a rum and coke but it didn’t sound like that. I got the “rum” bit (barely) but the coke sounded like cock and that really threw me. I was thinking – what does this man want?????

  8. Matthew McConaughey could say anything to me with his sweet, southern accent and I’d melt. Plus, I’ve always said I’d marry any guy who could sing to me with a deep, rich voice like Eddie Vedder

  9. Julia – Brad Roberts does have a great singing voice. :grin:

    Eyre – now you mention it, Matthew McConaughey is very nice to listen to.

  10. I love latin and Austrailian accents. They are soooooo sexy!

  11. Hi Shelley,
    I love the male Scottish accent, and if he happens to be wearing a kilt, I would be his devoted slave for live.

  12. I love the Down Under accent(Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman) and the British accent(Christian Bale, Clive Owen.)

  13. To be honest, I thought the woman was doing a Minnesota accent (like ‘Fargo’) and then she said Toronto. I was just happy that she didn’t say ‘aboot’ and ‘eh’ – those are generally tossed into every Canadian accent attempt.

  14. I thought the accents were sort of interesting. I always have to be careful when talking for any length of time to any one from anyplace else because I am very quick to pick up accents. When living in Norway no one ever guessed I was American because, strangely, I speak Norwegian with a Danish accent. Deep voices always get me. Irish and scottish accents get me as do any accents in English from other languages. I get too distracted if they are actually speaking the other languages because I keep trying to understand them.

  15. I can’t really think of any accents that I don’t like, except for a heavy northern accent, like from New York. I’m a southerner, so I do sound really southern in person. I have a southern belle kind of accent if I do say so myself.
    I love an Australian accent! How much difference is there between Australian accents and those of New Zealanders?
    I see some names here of accents I love too. Hugh Jackman, though you rarely get to hear his lovely accent. Matthew McConaughey…..don’t get me started, OMG, I could eat that man up with a spoon.
    I also love to hear Brits talk and I’m pretty good at parroting them due to an overload of watching Harry Potter films. LOL


  16. Deidre, I have to ask you what you thought of the girls attempt at a Southern accept. I’m not from the South, but I spent a bit of time there last summer and I didn’t think her attempt was all that good.

    Other than that, though, I enjoyed all her other accents. I didn’t really notice much of a difference between the LA and Seattle accents, but I think that pretty much everyone from Kansas west, aside from the Dakotas and Minnesota, all sound the same. Since I’m in Colorado, I would fall into that group.

    As for which accents I like, Irish brogue definitely tops my list.

  17. Yeah, um, sorry about the typos in that first line, but it should read ‘the girl’s attempt at a Southern accent.’ *sigh*

  18. I love most accents. A coworker was from Jamaica. I looovvveed to listen to her talk. When she first started working with me I was reading my books in my head with an accent! I loved in Germany for a while and that one didn’t thrill me. Maybe because so many people growing up spoke German that it wasn’t interesting.

  19. Lynda – it’s funny how some of us tend to copy accents. I know I try but what I think I’m saying and what I’m actually saying are miles apart according to hubby. My Kiwi accent is really strong. :grin:

  20. I love the Irish, Scottish and English accents. I also like the Minnesota Enlish which always reminds me of the Netherlands.

  21. No, she don’t sound like she came from the trailer park down the road or anything. LOL
    It was overdone and yet not done enough. Does that make sense? LOL

    I need to add Orlando Bloom to the list. I could listen to him all day long while he ready to me from a Physics book.


  22. Oh, Deidre, it definitely makes sense to me. :wink: