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January 8th, 2009
You’re so Vain!

I’m sure I’ve written about vanity plates on cars before. A lot of people have them in New Zealand. Today when I was driving home from my writing session at the coffee shop, I passed a car with the number plate BIG RAJ.

Now I don’t know if it’s me and my erotic romance writing but my mind immediately dropped into the gutter and I thought about the male anatomy. No way would I drive around in a car with that number plate. It’s just wrong. Heck, it smacks of vanity.

I’ve seen some good ones, and I think they can be a good business tool. Others make me cringe. I think if I had one, I’d go for something plain like SHELL. Yep, boring but not cringe worthy!

Question: What do you think of vanity plates? Do you have one? If you could have any vanity plate you wanted what would you have? What’s the worst one you’ve seen?

11 comments to “You’re so Vain!”

  1. There’s a guy in my town that is gay and his license plate is ANUS. I kid you not, he lived in my old apartment building.

    He thought it was hilarious, so do I frankly. He’s got guts, I’ll give him that.

  2. My husband used to have his nickname on his plates…he said it was a blessing and a curse. People would come up to him as if they knew him…rather unsettling at times. He’s since given up the vanity plate for a regular one.

  3. I’m too cheap to pay for vanity plates. Besides I’d always be changing my mind on what I’d want it to say that day.

    But you are right about people using them as a marketing tool. This came up on a Yahoo group. I can’t remember the names exactly but one was something like ROMRDR and another had AUTHOR.

  4. I like reading them but I’ve never been inspired to get my own.

  5. I too am very cheap and wouldn’t pay for that kind of vanity (my colorist wouldn’t appreciate me having to choose). BUT if I were gifted with a set of plates, I’d bet they would say “IMMRTL” :)

  6. No vanity plate here. I like to be annonymous. *g*

  7. Oh, I wish we could be allowed more personalized license plates. Mine would read, “333 HALFEVL.”

  8. I don’t have one, because in my state, it’s $10 extra which would make it $39 to get a license plate. I’ve seen some that are kind of cute, others that are downright silly and some that make me want to barf. A local realtor has “(Name)BMW1” on her BMW sedan. With the housing market tanking the way it is now (in our area especially), I daresay that there probably won’t be a #2 for quite a while.

  9. LOL at Tempest!!!

    When I moved to Canada, I joked that I wanted vanity plates that said BDA2CDA (Bermuda to Canada). My mil and hubby bought them for me, except I haven’t put them on yet because… (be prepared for my analness) they say BDA2CAN – which to me says Bermuda Toucan. DUH!!
    And I’m too cheap to get them redone because it’s over $200!!

  10. Amy – good grief. That number plate would make me stare. He’s a brave man.

    Tempest – LOl I like that one.

    I’ve seen companies that have fleets of trucks or cars with plates that have the company name (or a shortened version) plus numbers so if I were a company I’d have SHELL1, SHELL2, SHELL3 etc. I think that works well.

    The vanity plates are about $300 – $400 here in NZ. I’m too cheap to buy them!

  11. You can’t get vanity plates here. The number is 1) the letters that stand for your town or shire, 2) two random letters (those you can pick if you want) and 3) a set of two or three numbers. Not much room to get creative, hehe.