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February 18, 2009

Writing and Writer’s Tools

I have a selection of interesting posts and info today.

The first is a link to Holt Uncensored that talks about ten mistakes writers make. This post makes for interesting reading and serves as a good reminder of the basics.

For those of you who like gadgets, Paperback Writer has a post about shareware and freeware especially for writers.

At Novelist Inc. Joe Nassise tells us about another writing tool, one to help in backing up a work in progress and for syncing on two different computers.

And finally for both readers and writers: I did my answers for an interview today. One of the questions was: if you could choose one dessert, what would it be? My answer, after much deliberation, was ice cream. Which dessert would you choose?


  1. Karen Erickson

    Mmm cake. I love cake. LOL

  2. Amy Ruttan

    Ice Cream Cake, the best of both worlds. :mrgreen:

  3. Shelley Munro

    I could have cake, but it would need to be chocolate.

    Amy – the ice cream cakes we have here aren’t very nice. It’s a purchased brand from the supermarket that I’m thinking of. Do you make your own or buy them?

  4. Jennifer Shirk

    I think I’d be Strawberry Shortcake: fruity, sweet, and light. Like me. :mrgreen:

  5. bluecat

    Any dessert with fruit in it. Strawberry Shortcake, apple pie, any cobbler, etc.

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