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March 13, 2009

Do You Do It In Public?

Ah, that made you look. Sorry if I’ve disappointed you, but I’m actually talking about reading – do you read romances in public?

I used to do a lot of reading while I traveled via bus or train to work. I’ll admit that although I’d read a romance, I’d pick one off my to-read pile that didn’t have a lurid cover. These days when I go out, I take my PDA and anything goes in the reading department. If someone asks what I’m reading they get erotic romance with all the naughty words when they ask for a closer look. I’m also more likely to just grab a book and read it, no matter what the cover.

I’m off on holiday in just over a month and considering which reading material to take with me. Along with my ebooks, I’ll probably grab two or three books from my to-read pile since it’s my mission to make the pile of books beside my bed disappear this year. Most of them are erotic romance, so I guess the folks at the holiday resort will have some interesting discussions ahead. Have you seen what that woman is reading over there? I’m not too worried. I’ll be relaxing by the pool with my book and a fruity little cocktail…

Do you do it in public? Why or why not? Do lurid covers stop you from reading in a public place?


  1. Amy Ruttan

    Yep. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I read what I like.

  2. Kaye Manro

    Oh yes. I tend to spend time at a coffee house to relax and brainstorm story ideas about once a week. I will read anything, book cover doesn’t matter. If someone wants to know, I just show them the cover. If I happen to be reading an ebook, I show them that too. I read romance. I write romance. Mostly, folks leave each other alone at this coffee house as they are busy on their own computers, or reading their own books. That’s what I like about this place.

  3. Julie Robinson

    Hi Shelley,

    I have this cloth book cover for regular size paperbacks, which was given to me as a gift years ago. If I’m reading a romance with a risque cover, I’ll use it for sure, so as not to offend anyone, especially if there are children around.


  4. Karen Erickson

    I do – like Amy I don’t really care. And if they’re going to judge me for that then please, they need to get a life! LOL

    Though I did feel bad at B&N a couple of days ago buying a YA and an erotic romance. It looked a little odd. But hey, my reading tastes are varied! :grin:

  5. Beverly Rampe

    I-like Amy- don’t care and read what I like. The sad thing is hardly anyone around me reads, so no one ever ask what I am reading anyway.

  6. Jory Strong

    I don’t think about what the cover looks like. My public reading is mainly while waiting in airports, doctor/dentist office, ect. I take whatever book I’m currently reading and read it.

  7. Gabriele

    I usually take some Fantasy books with me on my journeys. Nice, fat doorstoppers. :mrgreen:

  8. Roberta Harwell


    I don’t really take into account the book cover. I figure if they don’t like the cover, they can look the other way. What I’m reading is my business no one elses. Have a great day.

  9. Julie Robinson

    Perhaps being a mom has made me aware of what other little kids are seeing. I’m not ‘hiding’ anything from the adults. Besides, I like to use my book cover because the lady who gave it to me has since passed away. Having a book cover also tends to incite people’s curiosity ’cause I’ll get asked what I’m reading.


  10. Shelley Munro

    So none of you have had people sit beside you and read at the same time as you? Of course it’s always when I’m in the middle of reading a love scene.

    Another time I had a young guy sit with me and he started quizzing me about my reading material. That was fine. “So you read that romance stuff,”he said.

    I blush easily and my cheeks were quite red by this time, although to his credit, he was interested and not teasing me. His mates in the seats behind did a lot of sniggering though. That moment stands out clearly in my mind!

    Julie – I have to agree about subtle covers when there are kids around. I think kids deserve to be kids for as long as they can without seeing half of what is on our TVs etc. When I know my young nieces and nephews are coming to visit I do shut doors etc because they don’t need to see my collection of research material.

  11. Shelley Munro

    I have to say that some of the people serving in Borders are a bit judgmental about reading material. I’ve been subjected to “the look” which annoys me no end and sometimes a comment. On the other end of the scale I’ve also had some wonderful book discussions with staff serving me. It’s like that Forrest Gump chocolate box – you never know what you’re gonna get.

  12. Julie Robinson

    Funny! I know “The look” too.
    They think I’m over-sexed.
    Hubby does say I have a one track mind.

    I close the bedroom/research door myself. I figure people don’t need to know what’s in there anyway–especially my 17-year old’s teenage friends. Not sure who’d be more embarrassed. :blush:

    And yes, it ALWAYS seems like you’re at a good scene when someone decides to talk to you. One day, I may just snap, “Do you mind?!! I’m on a sex scene right now!”
    And then just smile.

  13. Amy W.

    LOL! Well I take my books, no matter what they are, everywhere. If I go to the theater by myself. Emma and I at McDonald’s play area. At a restaurant or coffee house. Whatever.

    Most people leave me alone or leave when they discover it’s romance or sci-fi. I have told someone to go away before because I was in the middle of the sex scene, they laughed and came back 5 minutes later asking if it was safe and if I needed a cigarette.

    My books are all over the house and I don’t really worry about anyone seeing the cover because frankly I don’t have too many with risque pictures on them. There are embraces and such but even my 4 y/o see my hubby and I hug and kiss so that’s not a biggie to me. Mind you our actual “porn” type stuff is in the master bedroom but the regular romance books and stuff is where ever I left it when I finished reading.

    Ok, long rambling post is over.

  14. Fedora

    I do read what I like, but I do tend to keep the more erotic stuff for consumption in private–I don’t care to start conversations with my kids or their friends that I’d rather not be having :blush: My books are in piles all over the house, but the truly hot are again, stacked in my bedroom rather than say on the kitchen counter :smile:

  15. Shelley Munro

    Julie – I’ve noticed people always interupt when I’m in the middle of a good sex scene. We should both do what Amy W did and tell them to go away. Good one, Amy! :mrgreen:

    Fedora – Kids and their friends tend to ask the most embarassing questions. I know I did when I was a kid so I guess it’s payback. What goes around comes around.

  16. Voronda

    I read any where. I have shame I will read anywhere I have a few minutes to kill. I am what l like to call a cover ho I love great covers and have no shame displaying them where ever I am.

  17. N.J. Walters

    Absolutely I read romance books in public. I don’t care what people think.


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