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April 1st, 2009
A Surprise Present

My husband came home with a surprise present for me last night. There was no occasion – he just turned up with a present. I thought it was chocolate when I started to open it, but it was a Pandora bracelet. I’ve been eyeing the bracelets for months but thought they were too expensive. It’s sterling silver and very pretty. You buy the bracelet and add the charms as the budget or occasion demands.

My husband and I don’t do presents for birthdays or Christmas. Since our birthdays are a month apart we usually buy something we both want or have dinner out. Sometimes he’ll bring me home chocolate or a bottle of wine if he knows I’ve had a bad day. This bracelet was a complete surprise, and I was really touched. Lots of brownie points :grin:

How do you handle presents in your family? Do you have memories of a special present that you really loved or maybe hated?

10 comments to “A Surprise Present”

  1. Aww. Kudos to the hubby.

  2. How sweet of your hubby!

    As for me, sure there have been surprise presents, but not for a while!

  3. How nice!!! :mrgreen:

    I haven’t had a nice suprise present like that in ages.

  4. Awww good on the DH.

    My last surprise present was back early February. I called my DH from the hospital parking lot in happy tears to tell him we were having another boy and that everything was okay with him and his heart.

    My DH came home that night with a dozen roses. Dang it, I’m crying again.

    For my birthday/Mother’s Day this year I had a 3D ultrasound. My birthday isn’t until April but the best time to do the ultrasounds was 25 weeks which was mid March.

    As for family I’ve been asking for baby things or frozen meals in preparation for the summer.

  5. How sweet of him to do that!

    My husband and I don’t exchange gifts very often but he did get me an iTouch for my birthday this year. He scored major brownie points for that. :wink:

  6. Ooh Shelley, what a fabulous surprise pressie!

    A few years ago my s-i-l and I were discussing how amethyst aligned the chakras, etc. My husband doesn’t believe in ANY of that stuff, but for Valentine’s Day that year he bought me an amethyst necklace. *happy sigh*

  7. Awww! That’s the best kind of gift–out of the blue, just because :) And Amy, food is such a fabulous gift! Who could turn down a homecooked meal? (I’d be happy with a TV dinner, quite often ;))

  8. It was an awesome surprise.

    Amy – the roses sound lovely, and I bet the meals will come in handy. That’s an insired idea.

    Karen – an itouch would be very handy. :grin:

    Christina – did your hubby listen to the conversation or was it a surprise?

  9. That is tooo sweet of your husband…. My husband grew up in a family that did not celebrate holidays or give no reason gifts so since meeting me 20 years ago he has learned to give and receive gifts.

    His best gifts are those that show how much he knows me. My favorite movie is Crossing Delaney and he gave me pickles a large jar and a copy of the movie!

  10. I have a wonderful husband. He buys me garnets as that is my birthstone.

    Christmas we buy a joint gift – something that we both would like to have. We got a new digital camera for Christmas this past year as we have a trip to Yellowstone planned for this summer and want to take some gorgeous scenery pics.