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April 15th, 2009
Random Thought…

Butt cracks in a public place. Not a pretty sight…

Guy in Jeans

Big shudder. I need to scrub my eyeballs. Just sayin’…

What say you?

11 comments to “Random Thought…”

  1. Kind of depends on the butt in question! :)

  2. Jenyfer – The one I saw wasn’t a pretty sight at all. I couldn’t bring myself to post one of the photos that looked more like what I saw. This one didn’t make me shudder quite as bad…

  3. Isn’t it the truth.

  4. LOL unfortunately none of the butt cracks I see in public places look anything like this one!!! :roll:

  5. Depends on the butt, but generally no I don’t like them either. I feel like saying “Pull up your pants.”

    Or given my current temperment and no patience for things which annoy me, I’d probably pull up said person’s pants for them.

  6. Most of the butts I see in public need to come with a warning label for all females to shut their eyes. LOL

  7. The butt cracks I’ve seen in public don’t look like the one you have posted! I’ll just leave it at that. I agree– pull up your pants, guys! But again, I suppose it depends on the butt.

  8. I’ve never seen one like that in public! The ones I’ve seen are blech. Seriously, how hard is it to pull up the pants, men?

  9. Yeah I agree but the above butt crack, well…I don’t think I’d mind seeing that one in public! :mrgreen:

  10. I HATE the pants-sagging look on men and women–it’s just wrong! Eeek! I’m not saying you have to yank them up until you give yourself a wedgie–just don’t let them sag until they’re showing stuff no one else needs to know about!

  11. It seems as if we all think alike. Butt cracks are not something we want in public.

    Actually, the young boys that go around wearing silky boxer shorts and they let their top layer of jeans/shorts fall down displaying half of their underwear makes me want to go around yanking up trousers too. I’ve refrained, although it’s difficult. I’m thinking a person could get arrested for doing stuff like that.