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April 30th, 2009
A Wellington Trip

Thursday Thirteen

I mentioned last week that I was off to Wellington. I’m posting photos this week.

1. We left from Auckland Airport.


2. It was raining in Auckland, but we had wonderful weather in Wellington. There were quite a few unaccompanied children on the flight, flying home after school holidays. They cracked me up with their shrieks of joy each time we hit turbulence.

3. We caught the cable car from the inner city to the Botanic Gardens.


4. There were great views out over the harbor.


5. It’s autumn here in New Zealand and the trees are changing color.


6. It was ANZAC day and there were wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


7. We had dinner at the Backbencher pub, which is opposite our Parliament. Very yummy food.


8. The pub is known for its caricatures of our politicians. This is Helen Clark (a recent Prime Minister) and Winston Peters (very colorful is the kindest way to describe him)


9. And this is Jenny Shipley who was the Prime Minister prior to Helen Clark. She looks remarkably like the fairy godmother from the second Shrek movie.


10. This is the Buzzy Bee. Buzzy Bee is a well known childrens’ toy and is considered a NZ icon.


11. This is me at the rugby stadium, also known as the CakeTin.


12. The next day we went to Te Papa to see the Monet exhibition. I also wanted to see the colossal squid. The squid didn’t photograph very well, but it was very interesting.


13. This is me outside Te Papa. The Monet exhibition was crowded, but very good. My favorite was the painting of Monet’s wife Camille and their child. My hubby loved the one of the Haystacks.


And that’s me for this week. I’m off to Samoa tomorrow. I hope you’ll pop back during the next few days to check out my Samoan photos.

26 comments to “A Wellington Trip”

  1. Hi Shelley– so glad you are sharing your holiday! I dearly love Monet. And what an interesting trip. I wait to see the next stops and pics!

  2. This is me, jealous!

  3. Awesome pictures, Shelley! Looks like you had a wonderful time. :) Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

  4. Great pics! And I love the Buzzy Bee (and whoa! You have a Bunny Street? Cool!) and the Rugby stadium. Can’t imagine why… Heh.

    Happy TT!


  5. Loved the pictures. Keep them coming. Have a great day.

  6. Wow, awsome pics…..

  7. We went to New Zealand for our honeymoon, and I thought Wellington was absolutely gorgeous. What I remember most was trying to drive on those steep hills. Worse than San Francisco! Loved the pics!

  8. Oh I’m jealous. So fun! Love the pix.

  9. I love being able to travel with you since you have the freedom to do so, and I don’t lol
    Great pics. HappyT13!

  10. Great pictures! Everything you showed is new to me, and looks like a blast. I love the pic of you at the stadium…very cool. The cable car looks fun, and also way up in the air, lol. (Can you tell I live way out in the country with nothing like that?)

    Have fun, and I can’t wait for more pictures.

  11. Have a safe trip. Can’t wait to the see the pictures.

  12. Squeee! Photos! Thank you. Good ones, too, except maybe that colossal squid. Geh! Not your fault, just that the billboard made it look like a mutant.

  13. Great pics! Sounds like you’re having fun!


    My TT is at

  14. Travel safe and bring back more of these awesome pictures, lady!

  15. thanks for sharing such great pictures

  16. Awesome pics, Shelley. Thanks for sharing some of your trip with us!

  17. :grin: It looks like you had a great time! Happy TT!

  18. Looks like a FANTASTIC place to visit. Thanks for sharing your pix!!!

  19. Looks like you had fun. Happy Thursday and thanks for sharing!

    Thursday 13 – edition 5
    Laundry love…and hate

  20. Nice pictures! Looking forward to the next set.

  21. Awesome pictures!!!!! I love these.

  22. What a great trip and lots of wonderful pictures. I love the part where the kids shriek at the wind turbulence. At least someone likes them, lol.

    Happy TT.


  23. Great pictures! Hope the day was good. Hope tomorrow (er, today for you?) is great as well!

  24. Great pictures. Hope the rest of your trip is fun.

  25. love the pics, though the squid is a little odd.

    Have a fab time. I’ll watch LotR and think of you.


  26. Hi Shelley!
    I love that you post photos of your adventures! I feel like I’m part of your world! :)

    It will be fun to keep up with you! :)