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May 27, 2009

We All Scream Ice Cream

Mr. Munro and I watched a food documentary about the history of ice cream during the weekend. It was fascinating, charting the history of ice cream in Britain and giving us a glimpse of Walls, the ice cream people.

It’s said that ice cream was first invented by Roman Nero when he combined ice and fruit toppings. In China they combined milk and ice, and it’s thought that this method eventually made its way to Europe, the harbinger of our modern ice cream.

A lady called Mrs. Marshall invented an ice cream freezer. She was a famous cook, along the lines of Mrs. Beeton, and wrote four cookbooks. She also invented the edible ice cream cone, the recipe published in an 1888 recipe book. A very clever lady.

Check out this link for making Asparagus Ices. They look amazing and the recipe is from one of Mrs. Marshall’s books.

During the documentary they said that worldwide the favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. Personally, I only eat vanilla if it has chocolate sauce with it. I much prefer a flavor such as hokey pokey or something with chocolate or fruit in it.

Do you like ice cream and what is your favorite flavor? What did you think of the Asparagus Ices? Would you try them?


  1. Roberta Harwell

    Hello Shelley,

    First, no on the Asparagus Ices. They just don’t look good nor would I try them. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. I only eat this if there is a lot of chocolate in it. Otherwise, I go for just plain chocolate. Have a great day.

  2. Debra Kayn

    Not a big fan of ice cream, but will have some and enjoy it if the flavor involves cheesecake, lol. Blueberry cheesecake being my favorite. Ex-nay on the asparagus Ices, lol.

  3. Helen Hardt

    Ben and Jerry’s Brownie Batter — simply sinful!

  4. Amy Ruttan

    Well, I don’t think I would try Asparagus ices. As for my favorite ice cream flavor hmmm I don’t know. I love it all. I think I like soft serve dipped in chocolate. LOL!

    I also love cookie dough.

  5. Jory Strong

    I’m not adventurous when it comes to ice cream. So no to the Asparagus ices.

    Chocolate is my #1 preference (fudge, plain, with cherries–Ben and Jerry, with brownie chunks, with mint chips, etc., as long as it’s mostly chocolate), but when I’m being totally decadent and going for the second scoop, I will mix it up and have a coffee one.

  6. Shelley Munro

    LOL – Like most of you, I don’t think I’d try the asparagus ices. They look very pretty though. I’m sure they’d look impressive on a plate.

    Hubby and I go through stages of making our own ice cream. That’s fun because we can make the flavors we enjoy most. Chocolate usually!!

  7. Fedora

    Hmm… not sure I’d be a big fan of asparagus ice, but I’d be willing to give it a try. Favorite flavor? Probably still strawberry, especially if it’s got lots of chunks of strawberry in it. Also a big fan of cookies and cream, or raspberry cheesecake, or dulce de leche (if it’s a good balanced caramel flavor–not too cloyingly sweet, please)… Uh, I think I’m pretty much a fan of most flavors! :D

  8. Jennifer Colgan

    I love the asparagus ices! I don’t know if I’d want to go to the trouble of making them, but they’re adorable.

    My favorite flavor used to be black raspberry, but now I’m leaning toward Red Velvet Cake ice cream. And of course, you can’t beat chocolate.

  9. Amy W.

    I love ice cream! My favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip if the chocolate is flaked and not big fat chips or chunks. I also enjoy a good peach or double strawberry, decadent chocolate flavors are nice too. Oh and B & J’s Cherry Garcia is lovely as well. We have an ice cream machine here to make our own flavors like Plum, yummy!

    As to the asparagus ice I’m not too sure mainly because I don’t like pistachio flavor but make it with a mint or lime and I’d be all over that! They do look neat but I think they’d be a lot of trouble unless you had a bigger professional freezer to work with.

  10. Jane

    I love vanilla and chocolate. I also like cookies n’ cream, pistachio and butter pecan. I don’t think I would try the Asparagus ices.

  11. Voronda

    I love Strawberry it is my all time favorite! asparagus ice? I wouldn’t even try it!

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