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July 28th, 2009
Where Do You Hide Yours?

FYI – I hide mine in the fridge. :grin:

When was your last?

Um…I have to think about that…

What More Could I Wish For?

Ooh yes…I’ll take one now… :mrgreen:

Timtams are an Australian invention–one of their best, I have to say. And I don’t think we can take credit for the clever ads either. Hmm, I think it’s time. I’m going to add a packet of Timtams to my shopping basket this weekend.

What are your favorite store-bought biscuits?

6 comments to “Where Do You Hide Yours?”

  1. There is a saying, not quite apocryphal, that the offshore oil industry runs on Tim-Tams. Woe betide the supllier who forgets to include them in the monthly stores-supply boats have been turned back to port because they were missing.

  2. I’ve never had Tim Tams, but I’ve heard of them. LOL Great ads for them.

  3. Saw Tim Tams at Target. I’m going to have to try them.

  4. I’ve never had one but have heard many talk about them….I wish we had them here in Canada..

  5. Those are some cute commercials! As to my favorite biscuit or cookie? Hmmmm, probably Archway Windmills. Love that snap and ginger, thin almond slices- YUM! but a good Chips Ahoy or Oreo is never bad either.

  6. Love the ads!! Tim Tams look very similar to Keebler fudge cookies. Those are very good, especially kept in the fridge!! :)