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August 2nd, 2009
Red Alert!

Picture this…

Sunday morning. Early.

Mr. Munro is out of bed, and he’s in…insert big groan here…clean-up mode.

First it’s the in-basket with all our bills and invoices etc.

“Do you want this? Why are we keeping this?” I had to rescue several items before they went into the trash.

I let out a sigh of relief when he finished. Mistake big time. He was in the groove and moved onto the pantry then the fridge. By that time I was cowering in the lounge and trying to concentrate on something else. Mr. Munro makes me very nervous when he gets in his cleaning moods. Thankfully, the mood passed by the afternoon and he decided he’d cook a curry for dinner. I didn’t have any arguments with that because he’s a great cook.

Camera Critters

Pig Sculptures, Sedona

When we visited Sedona in USA during our last trip, they had these cute pig sculptures along the street. They were all different colors and the artists had used different techniques. I couldn’t resist a photo.

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15 comments to “Red Alert!”

  1. It could be porcupines! Love the pink colour.

    And I like the Christmas music in the back…

  2. Sorry, not your Christmas music!

  3. I like those fun to look at, MB

  4. I’m afraid I would have to buy them sandy

  5. Love the pics.
    I never have to worry about my husband going into cleaning mode. sigh.

  6. oops make that pic. One pic, two pigs:)

  7. Sandra – I forgot to mention his attire while he was in cleaning mode. Boxer shorts, a T-shirt and socks. I was tempted to take a photo but decided I’d better not. I hid instead!

  8. Oh my gosh, the pigs are adorable! Though let’s hope the word doesn’t spread and they become the hottest new plastic lawn statues, LOL

  9. LOL, Shelley! I always have to hide when DH is in cleaning mode. It’s terribly stressful otherwise, and I do sneak through the detritus afterward to make sure nothing important got tossed in the frenzy. I think I need more of that cleaning instinct though, so I can’t complain too much when he takes the initiative :)

  10. Thank for the visit and comment. Are you saying Mr Munro is (shock, horror) a male chauvinist pig?

  11. Cari – I’ll admit. I wanted to steal one, but I had to make do with photos. :grin:

    Fedora – I don’t mind him cleaning – it’s the fact that I can’t find things when he’s finished. They’re either in the trash or he’s put they somewhere else!

    LOL – David. I’d never say that! :mrgreen:

  12. the pic’s of the pig is funny and so is the story of you trying to save your suff from being trashed.

  13. Love the Pigs! My husband usually doesn’t get in a cleaning mode – once in a while he does, but that usually means he throws away my stuff…magazines, books etc…but if I were to ever toss his magazines Oh My Miss Molly would the fur fly! :wink:

  14. Stacey – I have to be quick with hubby around. :grin:

    Kimberley – I hear you. It’s usually my stuff he wants to clean up. I tell him it’s organized. I’ve yet to convince him.

  15. Hi Shelly, If my husband got in the cleaning mode it would be getting rid of my stuff like books and magazines not his stuff. lol The picture of the pigs are cute, looks like porcupine quills on them. I live about an 1 1/2 hours drive from Sedona and have never been there just pass the turn off when I am going on vacation. My daughter loves to go there.