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August 18th, 2009
Make My Muffins Blue

I went off to my favorite café today, armed with my writing notes, and ordered a latte and a blueberry muffin. I love blueberries. They taste good and I hear they’re full of healthy stuff. But here’s the thing. How can a café call a muffin blueberry if it doesn’t contain blueberries?

Last time I had a muffin I complained. I marched up to the counter and shoved my muffin at the counter staff. It didn’t contain a single blueberry and they gave me a replacement. Today’s muffin had three blueberries. I counted.


I’m thinking this is a sign from above telling me not to eat blueberry muffins, but really, don’t you think a blueberry muffin should contain more than three tiny blueberries?

What say you? Do you think there should be a specified number of blueberries in a blueberry muffin? How many blueberries are the ideal number?

11 comments to “Make My Muffins Blue”

  1. Dang, why do they bother.

  2. Blueberry muffins are the only kind I will eat. So for there to be only 3, I would want my money back. Depending on the size of the muffin at least 10 for small, 15 for medium and 20 for large. I also don’t mean frozen blueberries I mean fresh. Do you think I take my muffins serious enough? LOL Have a great day.

  3. Um yeah for sure, 3 in a big muffin is a rip. I like Tim Horton’s blueberry muffins, they are chock full of them and so moist. Yum.

    I can see why bears around here love the wild blueberry patches. :mrgreen:

  4. I think they are being cheep skates. You should definitely have more than three blueberries per muffin, but it would be hard to demand a replacement. Next time buy a different kind of muffin and mutter something about being on the look out for a place that offers a good blueberry muffin, one with lots of berries.

  5. Not sure I know what the ideal amount of blueberries in a muffin should be, but it should definitely be more than three :wink:

  6. That’s crazy talk right there. I’ll admit I make my muffins from a mix complete with the little can of blueberries. I then proceed to dump an entire basket of fresh blueberries into the mix. There’s so many blueberries in my batch now that I get 24 muffins out of a mix for 12. I say yes to blueberries! A good way to check a muffin for blueberry content to to look at the top and sides if you can before you buy it, if you don’t count at least 5 visible berries on top and few more on the sides don’t waste you money. (I used to work in a bakery, this is a good sign that there’s most likely more inside!)
    (The following is from Emma)
    :blush: :mrgreen: :razz: :evil: :roll: :wink: :cool:

  7. Maybe its a sign to look for a new favorite muffin place not a new muffin. even the neighborhood dunkin donuts is full of blueberries. I like Amy W’s idea- look for Blueberry visability before you purchase!

  8. I’m glad you agree with me. My problem is that this cafe makes the best coffee and it’s handy to me. Usually the muffins are quite nice, apart from my blueberry complaint. I’ve tried checking the blueberries on the outside as an estimate. I’m going to complain nicely next time. I really am.

    Yesterday they didn’t have an alternative to blueberry. Maybe I should have taken that as a sign and stuck to coffee?

  9. I love blueberry muffins…any kind of muffin really. Ok, anything with sugar in it. Everytime I eat blueberries, I get the little seed things (are they seeds? I’m not sure) but I get them stuck in my teeth. Drives me crazy, but I still love ’em!

  10. Love blueberry muffins. I make them myself. As many blueberries as I want. That’s probably the only way to do it right :)

  11. Amy W – I loved Emma’s addition.

    Nancy – I think they’re delicious. I like raspberries and strawberries too. Their little seeds are worse.

    JK – that’s true. The only trouble is that I tend to eat more. In the cafe I stick to one.