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September 3rd, 2009
New Zealand: Otago.

Shoe Fence, Otago

This is a shoe fence we came across during our drive around the lower South Island. We also saw a bra fence. The locals are in two minds about these decorated fences. Some say that they cause traffic jams and are unsightly while others think they add interest to the area.

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  1. That’s hilarious! I’ve never heard or seen anything like that. I keep looking at the picture wondering how they got so many shoes? Do people who drive by, stop, take off their shoes, and add to the collection?

    Around here the only thing I’ve seen hanging off the fences is plastic milk jugs. Farmers/ranchers usually do that if they’ve got horses and use barbed wire instead of electric, so the horses know there is a fence there and don’t get hurt.

  2. This is really interesting. I suppose you add the items if you want. I hope they are not just finding all this along the road:)

  3. Wow–haven’t seen anything like that before (except the stray pair looped over the phone lines)… A bra fence? That must be a sight! ;)

  4. Would you believe a connecting street leading into my subdivision is called Otago?

  5. Now that is definately unusual. I would love to see the bra fence.