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October 3rd, 2009
Mesa Verde National Park

Camera Critters

My husband and I always find the squirrels fascinating when we visit the US or other places that have them. We took this shot at Mesa Verde in Southwest Colorado. I’ve also included a photo of some of the ruins since this is why people visit this National Park. It really is an amazing place.


Mesa Verde, USA

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16 comments to “Mesa Verde National Park”

  1. lovely captures!

  2. love the squirrel, nice capture… thanks for sharing ;)

  3. Hi Shelley :)
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures.
    All the best,

  4. Cute squirrel and I love seeing scenery from the parks. thanks for sharing your critter.

  5. It’s funny how native animals in some one elses country is fascinating for some one who doesn’t have them in theirs.

    I guess I’ve been taking the squirrel for granted. :mrgreen:

    We have overactive curious ones where I live. I remember sitting in the park with my tote bag and one leaping in my tote bag. A baby one. So trusting.

  6. Hey Shelley…
    These are some great pics…The ruins at Mesa Verde are absolutely gorgeous…
    Here’s a funny squirrel story for you…This happened a couple of years ago around late fall.. I was at a neighbourhood park and feeding the ducks on the water and the squirrels and other little birds that were around (That’s about as wild in the wilderness that I can handle :P) So there were people leisurely walking around on the paved area…This squirrel slowly came up trying to get some food to nibble on…but he got startled by a person walking by him…The squirrel swan dove towards the pavement and assumed the military stance…you know when Commandos’ crawl through the jungle kinda thing….I’ve never seen a squirrel do that in my life…It was absolutely hilarious!!! He was literally lying flat on his tummy with his arms and legs spread flat against the pavement :grin: It was a definite sight to behold!!!

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  7. What an adorable little squirrel. We find them entertaining and we see them everyday. The ruins are just amazing, another one of those places I’d like to go someday.

  8. I love watching squirrels as well, they are so cute! :smile:

  9. Thanks, RK.

    Amy – it’s true. We all take things in our home countries for granted. It’s human nature, I think! :grin:

  10. Anna – that sounds hilarious. Did he end up getting his food?

    Calico – the ruins are amazing. We spent the day there, but I wish we could have spent a little longer.

  11. Hey Shelley,
    Oh you bet he did!!! :grin: I even gave him an extra treat for the added entertainment that he provided :razz:

  12. I love squirrels. I know alot of people find them to be pests but I never see any around my apartment. All I ever see are birds and while I’ll put out bread and bird seed for them, I’d love to see more squirrels.

  13. I used to live out there not to far away from Mesa Verde.

  14. Wow! Gorgeous pictures. The ruins are breathtaking.

  15. Aargh. I’m dying to go out to Mesa Verde. And lately, I’m seeing it everywhere. I think the writing’s on the wall, so to speak…

  16. It must be a sign, Susan! I highly recommend a visit. It’s beautiful and really interesting too.