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October 20th, 2009
I Know That Face…

The other night Mr. Munro and I were watching Psych on television. A new character appeared in the scene and we both said, “Who is that?” I recognized both the face and the distinctive voice.

Neither of us could remember which show we’d seen the actor in before.

“It’s a detective show,” I said.

Hubby just nodded. “It’s gonna bug me.”

And it did bug us—both of us to the extent that we were discussing the actor rather than watching the excellent plot.

“The Closer,” I said. “I think he’s on The Closer.”

“Yeah,” hubby said. “He’s the father.”

We both nodded.

“But that’s not where we know him from,” I said.

We both agreed and went back to being bugged.

At the end of Psych we watched the credits, found the actor’s name, which was Barry Corbin, and Googled him. Thank goodness for the Internet. It certainly solves questions like this quickly.

“One Tree Hill,” I said in triumph. “He was the basketball coach on One Tree Hill.”

Both satisfied, we moved on to the next television show and our cup of tea.

Does it bug you when you can’t recall a name? How are you at remembering names?

13 comments to “I Know That Face…”

  1. I’m terrible at names and it bugs the crap out of me.

  2. I am terrible at names. When I was little I never named my dolls, because I could not remember what I named them. And my husband knows that if we meet someone and there are no introductions, he needs to step in because I couldn’t even guess the name of the person I am talking to.

    When I am watching TV shows or movies, I normally don’t know the actors names, but I do know what show I had seen them in previously. That is something I am good at, but I have no clue on the names. :eek:
    Amy M

  3. Oh, I HATE those scenarios! Between me and the Tour Manager, though, we figure it out.

    The worst one for me is the Steelers. Opening Act #1 ran one over at the hoity-toity health club last summer and now, every time I see the guy on TV (or in person), I flash back to that… An eight-year-old almost taking out a pro football player…

  4. It drives me nuts when I can’t remember a name – drives my husband nuts too. Thank goodness for the internet…it comes in handy for times like that.

  5. Yes, that totally bugs me! I’ve been know to scour the internet movie database trying to find out where I’ve seen a certain someone before, LOL.

  6. I don’t even try to remember, especially for actors. Drives my dh nuts when he can’t figure it out and I just shrug.

  7. I’m not too bad at remembering names or faces. But sometimes you jsut have to google it. lol I have googled a few names over the past years. yep I have.

  8. I’m so bad with names it’s not funny. I was a swim coach and I’d give kids nick names at first until I had learned their names a could of months later, they’d then get upset that I stopped using the nicknames but I was just proud i could remember them now.
    Also hubby will glance over at me while we’re watching a movie or show and ask an actor’s name and I just give him a look. He then turns and mutters to him self, why am I asking her a name. Now a random number I heard once I can remember or circumstances from 20 years ago, but a name? Never!

  9. LOL, I’m glad you found your answer. That would have driven me CRAZY :)

  10. I totally hate it when I can’t remember what an actor’s name is. My daughters are great at remembering this kind of trivia so I usually just call one of them and they immediately tell me who they are and what series or movies they have been in.

  11. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has trouble remembering names. It usually takes me two or three meets before I remember people’s names. That’s why I like conferences with name tags so much.

  12. Oh yes! That’s always happening to me. For some reason my brain will spit out a letter – and I know the name begins with that letter but it can take hours for the darn thing to filter through! Other times I just Google – what did we do before the Internet!!!

  13. This kind of thing drives me batty! It’s not just you. :wink: