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October 23rd, 2009
Fast Food

Fast Food

Mr. Munro has worked late for the last few nights, which has meant I’ve had to dine alone. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like cooking for one. When it’s just me for dinner I tend to snack. Tonight I was tempted to make toasted sandwiches, but then I thought no – that’s not healthy.

In the end I went with pasta. The contents of our fridge were pretty sparse, but I managed to find onion and mushrooms. I added frozen corn kernels, part of a fresh tomato and the last quarter of a jar of pasta sauce. Everything was cooked and ready to eat in fifteen minutes. Add a glass of wine and it was fast food at its best.

My pasta meals are different every time. Sometimes I’ll add pesto or blue cheese and nuts – whatever I have in the fridge and pantry at the time usually works with pasta.

Another favorite meal is a baked potato topped with thick Greek yoghurt and a salad, although this takes a bit longer to cook.

Do you like cooking for one? What meals do you tend to have when it’s just you?

13 comments to “Fast Food”

  1. Why don’t you give up your career as an author and come and cook for me:)

  2. When it’s just me, I enjoy a nice hot bowl of Chicken Noodle soup. It’s cheap, it’s fast, and it’s easy. :lol:

  3. If the hubby is not around, the kids and I are good to eat cereal, oatmeal, mac and cheese…anything that the big fella would not eat for dinner on a normal basis. I don’t know the last time I would have ever made dinner for just me.

    I graduated from college and got married in the same year, and I was pregnant before our 1 year anniversary and 4 kids later, I have never been on my own. So maybe in 20 year I will figure out what I will cook as a meal for one, once all of the kids are gone and the old man is out on a fishing weekend or something! :lol:

    But, your dinner sounds very good. We are big pasta eaters, I might have to give this a try!

    Amy M

  4. Those pizzas have me drooling. I’m in serious need of visiting our local brick oven pizzaria, I think!

  5. One doesn’t cook for one, one heats up for one.

  6. Ah I don’t like cooking for one much – and I tend to snack just like you do. But I do enjoy a baked potato by myself – or cereal! LOL

  7. I agree with Catherine–heating up for one is what I do!

  8. Yes, I have to agree with the heating up for one. My microwave gets a good workout. I do like anything pasta or potatoes. I love baked potatoes. I make them in the microwave too.

  9. I don’t even remember the last time I made just enough food for myself even if I was the only one eating dinner.

    I love to cook, absolutely love it. So when I’m making a dish I usually go all out and make a large pan, pot, casserole ect..dish of whatever I’m making. I mean you can always freeze it and have it as lunch leftovers, right?

    Lunch is when I like to just heat something up and since I make so much food for dinner, there’s always soemthing to heat up for lunch.

  10. Sandra – you’d have to turn into a vegetarian if I cooked.

    Jaime – I like soup too. It’s my favorite winter food.

  11. Amy – my hubby wouldn’t eat cereal for dinner either. He has to have a proper meal in the evening.

    Susan – I quite like pizza now and then. We had pizza last week.

  12. Catherine – I quite agree. If I’d had something in the fridge to reheat I would have done exactly that!

    Karen – another cereal eater. That’s weird. I only eat cereal in the morning.

  13. Kaye – it’s easy, that’s for sure.

    Linda – I don’t know what I did pre microwave. They’re very handy.

    Mary – we usually cook extra at dinner and hubby takes it to work for his lunch. It’s way cheaper than buying something every day.