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October 28th, 2009
Firing Up the BBQ

With the warmer weather here in New Zealand, we’ve started having barbeques. Last night our entire three course meal was cooked on the barbeque.

I’m a vegetarian, although I do eat seafood on occasion to keep up my protein levels. Last night was one of those days. We had grilled prawns (large) for a starter, for a main I had fresh salmon, baked potato, asparagus and zucchini. Hubby had chicken. And for dessert we had filo pastry with fresh strawberries and creme fraiche. The layers of filo pastry were sweetened with a little brown sugar and cinnamon.

I’m hoping Mr. Munro will feel the urge to either recreate this meal or do something similar because the entire meal was delicious.

Do you like barbeques? What is your favorite barbeque meal?

9 comments to “Firing Up the BBQ”

  1. I love to BBQ when the weather starts to warm up. So after a long, cold winter when the first sign of spring is rolling around, I love a cheeseburger or pork chop. I do not like steak, but the big guy…that is his favorite of all time.

    Hubby actually grilled out last night and it is getting close to the end of the grilling season around here. It was so good! The big boys actually ate it too. Pork chops off the grill, and he made roasted red potatoes with colby-jack cheese and a little garlic olive oil. Good stuff!

  2. We don’t do a ton of BBQ but when we do, my favorite thing is my husbands babyback ribs. Yum!! :wink:

  3. We BBQ a lot especially during the summer of course. I love my husband’s BBQ ribs — but we BBQ all sorts of things. And it’s easier clean up in the kitchen, always a bonus.

  4. Babe, we use our grill year-round. It’s not uncommon for us to pull it real close to the kitchen door so we can cook and keep the Tour Manager dry, warm, or some combination of the two.

  5. Well I’m not much of a meat eater and I don’t eat seafood but bring on the dessert. It sounds scrumptious.

  6. Amy – the potatoes sound yummy.

    Jaime and Karen – BBQ ribs aren’t big over here. I wonder why that is? It must be a country thing.

    Susan – LOL – I wonder if my hubby is related to the Tour Manager? Hubby loves to cook on the BBQ. We have had a couple of winter cook-outs.

    Linda – the dessert was delicious. I love fresh strawberries. They’re my favorite.

  7. Is creme fraiche like whip cream?
    Because I love putting whip cream on strawberries, mixing them up and putting it on pound cake. Yum.

    My hubby loves to BBQ, mostly when we have Rib Eye steaks. If I try to pan fry a steak, he just shakes his head. lol

  8. It’s sort of a mix between cream and sour cream. It’s a little tart and goes with the sweeter strawberries. Here’s a link:


  9. Thank you. :)