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Archive for October, 2009

Cruisin’ The High Seas

Thursday Thirteen

The Munro house is full of cruise brochures and guidebooks at the moment, so it’s probably not surprising that my mind drifted to cruises when I was wondering what topic to choose for my TT this week.

Thirteen Things About Cruises and Cruising


1. Cruising is a real growth area in the travel industry with more than 30 new ships scheduled for delivery before December 2012.

2. There’s a tendency for larger resort-style ships with low cost fares but many of the items onboard are no longer included and must be paid for at the time of use e.g. coffee, spas, internet.

3. Emphasis on many cruises is on healthy eating and spas.

4. These days there’s more concern for the environment and carbon-neutral ships.

5. Modern ships have built in stabilizers so seasickness isn’t such a big problem.

6. More than 16 million people take an ocean/sea cruise each year.

7. Cruising isn’t just for old people any longer. Some cruises cater to singles or for those with young children. There are gay cruises and special theme cruises such as for romance writers.

8. Food, accommodation and most of the travel component is included in your fare so that makes cruising very affordable.

9. Class distinctions are no longer part of cruising. These days people who go on cruises choose their grade of accommodation with cabins being cheaper than the suites.

10. Ships come in different sizes: boutique (50 – 200 pax), small (200 – 500 pax), mid-size (500 – 1200 pax) and large (1200 – 4000 pax). Choose according to your like or dislike of crowds!!

11. Cruising is one of the safest methods of travel.

12. Some of the incidentals such as shore excursions, drinks etc can add up to a substantial amount if you’re not careful.

13. There’s a different destination every day yet passengers only need to unpack once.

SOURCE: Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships 2008, Douglas Ward, Berlitz.

Have you been cruising before? If not would you like to? If you’ve cruised before where did you go and what was your favorite part of the cruise?