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November 3rd, 2009
UFOs at the Raven Blog

Raven Blog Post I’m a new columnist at the Raven Happy Hour and today is my first post. I’m talking about UFOs and the different theories people have produced over the years to explain them.

8 comments to “UFOs at the Raven Blog”

  1. I have to wait until i get home. The content blocker blocked the article. Bummer.

    Tuesday’s Tales #1 – John

  2. I think that might be my same problem – I couldn’t get through with this link. I’ll be back, Shelley.

  3. OMW

  4. Wow! I’m going there now. I hope I can link too.

  5. That was me doing something weird with the code. Sorry about that!

  6. That was fun and interesting.

    Tuesday’s Tales #1 – John

  7. You are one busy lady, Shelley! On my way over now… :)

  8. WOOT! I’m going to read.

    My first post is November 16th. I’m so excited.