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November 5th, 2009
Lady Parts

Thursday Thirteen

Last week my thirteen was about male naughty bits so this week I thought I’d do a female one.

Thirteen Names For Lady Parts

1. Downstairs (19th century)
2. cock-holder (19th century)
3. Serpent socket (1990s)
4. Brat-getting place (19th century)
5. Inglenook (19th century)
6. Netherlands- the low country (18th century)
7. Happy hunting grounds (19th century – USA)
8. Road to a Christening (19th century)
9. columns of Venus (labia – 18th century)
10. Cupid’s furrow (19th century)
11. fun hatch (1990s)
12. poking hole (late 19th century)
13. aphrodisiacal tennis court (17th century)

Source: the very entertaining The Big Book Of Filth: 6500 Sex Slang Words and Phrases

So, which one are you going to use in your next book or sexy conversation?

29 comments to “Lady Parts”

  1. They’re not as funny, but still very telling! LOL!

    My personal favorite: Downstairs. There’s so much opportunity to abuse that term. bwahaahahaaa!

    Thanks for sharing this – very entertaining. ;)

    Ciao for now!
    Happy TT!

  2. These are fantastic!
    Hard to pick a favorite, but I think maybe “Road to a Christening.”

  3. LOL these are great! I like, Columns of Venus, it has a nice ring to it.

    Happy T13!

  4. I like serpent socket best.

    Dona Nobis Pacem & Thursday Thirteen

  5. Oh my. LOL!! I haven’t heard of most of those. Very … um … interesting. :lol: Happy Thursday!

  6. I should not have taken a sip of my coffee when I started reading this! :mrgreen: So funny! Poking hole, that is my favorite!

  7. uhm, ew?

    ALthough happy hunting grounds made me snort.

  8. Happing hunting grounds? LOL You can’t be serious. Hilarious.
    Happy T13!

  9. Inglenook? I had no idea.

  10. Serpent Socket?????OMG! That’s so funny.
    And Happy Hunting Grounds makes me think of the Peter Pan cartoon where Captain Hook tells Tiger Lily she’ll never walk the Happy Hunting Grounds if she drowns.
    Um, I wonder if that was some Freudian slip. LOL.

  11. Okay, how did I miss the male counterpart post? LOL

  12. Wowsers! Do the residents of Inglenook know its meaning? :eek:

    I love these! Thank you!

  13. LOL, those are great! :smile:

  14. LOL! Those are too funny!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  15. Oh so funny! Have you guys heard of this medieval one? (probably somewhere around 12th century)

    It is the lovely…. Quim… And I did use it several times in one of my medievals. I asked my cp if she understood what I meant, to which she replied, oh yes, I get the meaning quite well. LOL

  16. I think Happy Hunting Grounds is the funniest but Serpent Socket is a close second! Happy Thursday!

  17. I actually had a difficult time choosing my favorites. The book has fun cartoons as well, which make me laugh each time I see them.

  18. I can honestly say I have not heard any of these before. Definitely imaginative. lol

  19. You missed “The end of the rainbow”

  20. I have never heard these. Serpent socket is my favorite.

  21. Oh, geez. This list made me cross my legs without realizing it…

  22. Some of these are fabulously funny. “Road to a Christening” nearly made me spew root beer on my computer screen.

  23. Happy hunting grounds cracked me up too. It was fun trying to work out which terms to include.

    Susan – I hear you. I wanted to cross my legs. Actually I kept having visions of an intimate scene with the woman crooning, “Come to my happy hunting grounds.”

  24. Kaye – I’ve heard that term and actually used it in one of my historicals.

    Amy G – That’s one term I haven’t heard before.

    Helen – yes, last week’s TT was the male counterpart. :grin:

  25. Fun hatch? That one alone made me laugh out loud! ;D

  26. …Netherlands…LOL!!

  27. LOL Happy Hunting Ground. Cute!

  28. Yowzers! I just discovered “thurs.13” through visiting blogfriends. Terrific post right “up my alley” (ahem *wink*). Only one of these would come to mind for my euphemism list. Great research! This reminds me of what I did with “junk” for Sun. Scribblings” prompt a while back!
    Junk Drawer(s) This looks like an entertaining writing prompt to get my juices, I mean, fingers flowing every thurs! Terrific post! Am bookmarking you.

  29. Gel – I’m glad you enjoyed the post. :grin: