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Bath Time

Camera Critters

Meet Lucky, one of the roosters who lives at my father’s farm. Lucky has lived at the farm since he was a chicken and there’s a real story behind his name. My father has pigs. He gets food for them from various sources, mostly vegetable these days, but in the past he’s had dead chickens. (They were gassed when the poultry company didn’t require them) Anyway, my father was feeding these chickens to his pigs and he came across one little chicken who wasn’t dead. He took it back to the house and put it under a clucky hen. The chicken thrived and my father decided to call it Lucky because obviously, he was lucky to be alive. Lucky has lived a long, happy life at the farm.

This is Lucky watching me with suspicion while I get ready to take a photo, and Lucky enjoying a dust bath in the garden.



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I’m blogging at the Samhain blog today. My post is about public displays of affection or PDAs.
Here’s the link.

Romance Tropes and Why I Love Them.

My special guest today is Jennifer Leeland. I read about her new release Marked For Pleasure at Leah Braemel’s blog and immediately pestered…ah emailed her to come and do a guest post for me. Being the nice Romance Diva that she is she said yes, and here she is talking about romance tropes! Over to Jennifer…

Marked For PleasureI’m so sad and pathetic. I stand in front of the book section at my local grocery store and sneer at the “The Sheiks Virgin Princess’ Secret Baby” titles but the truth is, I love the familiar romance tropes.

The Secret Baby trope–She’s pregnant…or had a baby that belongs to him but he doesn’t know a thing about. I have to admit, I love these. (Favorite example: Lucy Monroe’s “Goodness had Nothing To Do With It”)

The Bodyguard trope–She’s in danger, he protects her. The opposite variation is fun too. (Favorite example: Any Christine Feehan Ghostwalker series. They all have elements of this trope)

The Mate/Mate trope–“You were made for me”. I don’t know why I love this one, but it’s just so cool. (Loribelle Hunt’s Delroi series)

The Arranged Marriage trope (or Marriage of Convenience)–I actually just started one of these as a sci fi erotic romance. To complete a peace treaty, the heroine has to marry an alien. Conflict ensues. My absolute favorite of these devices is “Prince Charming” by Julie Garwood)

The Reformed Rake—I ADORE this one. I know. Sad, isn’t it? Can the playboy ever stop playing? Will the heroine find love or heartbreak? Variations are also “The Hero Who Is Determined Never to Commit”. My absolute favorites are “Master Of Cormus” by Charlotte Lamb (1978) and Kate Pearce’s “Simply Sexual”.

The Damaged Hero/Heroine Healed By Love–Oh, my FAVORITE. “Simply Sinful” with Peter being “healed” by Abigail’s love. Joey W. Hill’s “Mistress of Redemption”, a complete twist on this trope. “Rough Canvas” by Joey W. Hill.

Those are the highlights. All of my favorite books have elements of these. “Paul’s Dream” by Rowan McBride has the Bodyguard trope since ultimately Kian attempts to protect Paul from an evil sorcerer and Paul ends up saving his bacon instead. “Lonely Places” by A.L. Debran features a marriage of convenience. (Though that book took that trope and twisted it all around. LOVED that.) All of Kate Pearce’s “Simply” books feature men who are determined to maintain their freedom.

My newest release MARKED FOR PLEASURE is a combination of the Mate/Mate trope and a marriage of convenience. In a dangerous situation, Conner marks Rhea as his mate, tying her to him to protect her. I love to place my heroes and heroines in danger and make them work together to escape.

So, what’s your guilty secret? Do you love the Slutty Virgin Trope? You know, the hero thinks she’s been sleeping around, but she’s really a virgin….which he finds out the hard way. Or how about Friends To Lovers Trope? They’re friends but he’s never thought of her “that way”. What will she do to get him to see her?

Did you ever notice how silly the word “trope” looks? LOL.

Leave a comment and I’ll pick one random commenter to receive a copy of MARKED FOR PLEASURE by Sunday November 8th.

Tell me all about your favorite trope.

Lady Parts

Thursday Thirteen

Last week my thirteen was about male naughty bits so this week I thought I’d do a female one.

Thirteen Names For Lady Parts

1. Downstairs (19th century)
2. cock-holder (19th century)
3. Serpent socket (1990s)
4. Brat-getting place (19th century)
5. Inglenook (19th century)
6. Netherlands- the low country (18th century)
7. Happy hunting grounds (19th century – USA)
8. Road to a Christening (19th century)
9. columns of Venus (labia – 18th century)
10. Cupid’s furrow (19th century)
11. fun hatch (1990s)
12. poking hole (late 19th century)
13. aphrodisiacal tennis court (17th century)

Source: the very entertaining The Big Book Of Filth: 6500 Sex Slang Words and Phrases

So, which one are you going to use in your next book or sexy conversation?

UFOs at the Raven Blog

Raven Blog Post I’m a new columnist at the Raven Happy Hour and today is my first post. I’m talking about UFOs and the different theories people have produced over the years to explain them.

Fred & Wilma at the Quarry

Camera Critters

My father rang us about a month ago very excited because one of his paint mares had foaled and finally, he had a filly foal. During my last visit I took the camera. The horses all graze near the quarry, hence their names Wilma, Fred and Betty. My father already had a Pebbles on the farm so the foal is named Cocoa.


This is Fred Flintstone, the paint stallion.


The paint mare is Wilma Flintstone and the bay is Betty Rubble. The paint foal is Cocoa.


This is a closer shot of Cocoa and mother Wilma. My father said he intends to keep the foal, but I’m thinking if someone comes along with the right offer he’ll sell. She’s definitely a cutie.

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