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December 2, 2009

Happy Flying

I love this ad and stop to watch it every time it comes on the screen. I love the expressions on the faces of the crew and passengers. At first they seem confused, and then they get into the groove. We flew Pacific Blue when we went to Samoa. It was a good flight, but they need to make sure they have more change for people who make purchases!

I fly a couple of times a year. The more I fly, the more I dislike it. I’m always very pleased when I stand on terra firma again.

Do you like flying? What do you think of the ad?


  1. sandra cox

    Loved the Ad!!!:) Flying is definitely getting worse. Not a fun experience.

  2. Jaime

    The ad is great! I flew for the first time in May. It was scary at first, but amazing once we took off and I glanced out the window. Unfortunately, we had a lay-over that lasted from 8pm until 10am the next morning. Not good! :evil:

  3. Lucinda

    I’ve flown several times, and I enjoyed it. I tell people who are afraid to just imagine that they’re riding a bus, but the ride is a lot smoother. LOL.

  4. Catherine Bybee

    We had a flight once where the crew did an entire spoof with humor and such for the take off process. It was great. The entire flight had a ‘wonderful’ feel about it.

  5. Cari Quinn

    I’ve never flown and have a lifelong phobia of it…no idea why. Even have nightmares about being on planes. But if I ever actually got on a plane, I’d probably learn to love flying. :)

  6. sherry s.

    I love the ad I haven’t ever flown anywhere and the thought of it scares me I’m so afraid of heights I like my feet firmly on the ground.

  7. Karen Erickson

    Ah that commercial made me smile! How cute! You know here in the US they don’t even have change to buy stuff anymore. It’s all credit card or you get nothing. Grrr…

  8. Kaye Manro

    I rather like flying in my friend’s little private plane. But don’t line the big airlines. It’s too crowded mostly.
    Loved the ad!

  9. annalisa

    Cute ad! The last time I flew was 38 years ago. Coming back home the plane ran into a terrible storm. It was an awful experience and I was so glad when the plane finally landed. Ever since then I have had absolutely no desire to get on a plane.

  10. Mary

    I have flown a few times. I have told all my relatives that I will never fly again. I don’t like it and I don’t like the fact that passengers still don’t have a passengers bill of rights, so the airlines can’t keep you sitting in a plane on the tarmac for hours on end even when they run out of food, water, and the toilets are over flowing.

    Oh don’t even get me started on this subject, it rubs my rhubarb the wrong way.

    But I thought the commercial was quite cute.

  11. Shelley Munro

    Cari – a lot of people seem to have phobias when it comes to flying. It’s quite common.

    Karen – most of our airlines give away free food and drink. Pacific Blue is a lot cheaper and charge. Basically, you get what you pay for!

    Annalisa – I’ve been on a couple of flights with bad turbulence. I think that’s what makes me so apprehensive when I get on a plane now. The last time we flew to the US the flight was horrid. It was so bumpy that they didn’t serve food or drinks for hours into the flight.

  12. Shelley Munro

    Mary – I’ve never heard of that sort of thing happening in NZ.

  13. Linda Henderson

    I hate flying. I would only do it if I had too.