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December 3, 2009

Things about Vampires and Vampire Slayers

Thursday Thirteen

This year I’ve watched Buffy, the Vampire Slayer for the first time, and with all the hype about Twilight and New Moon I decided to do a thirteen about vampires and vampire slayers.

Thirteen Things I’ve Learned About Vampires and Vampire Slayers

1. Vampires are very pale and don’t like sunlight.

2. Vampire Slayers wear cool clothes and are kick-ass tough. e.g. Buffy Summers

3. Slayers hang around in “Scooby” gangs.

4. Slayers fall in love with guys who are totally wrong for them.

5. Vampires are ugly in vamp form.

6. Werewolves aren’t very sexy – all that hair!

7. Slayers don’t seem to need much sleep, and they’re not afraid of things that go bump or growl in the dark.

8. Some vamps have a great sense of humor. I just love Spike.

9. I want to shake Bella.

10. Vamps should run if they see a pointy wooden thing instead of hanging around to sneer. Run Vampire! Run! It’s a stake and it will make you go “poof”!

11. Sleeping in the dirt doesn’t look like much fun. I prefer my cozy bed.

12. Joss Whedon rocks.

13. I’m on team Jacob. Angel can come into my house any time! Open invitation. Yep, David Boreanaz you’re welcome too. :mrgreen:

Have you seen New Moon? (I haven’t yet) Did you like it? Do you have any things I can add to my list?


  1. MsMenozzi

    #9 – you and me both, sister! LOL!

  2. Hootin' Anni

    I’m not much on vampire movies and stories….except maybe the classics like Dracula….the work of fiction by Stoker. I’d like to read the NEW one that just came out about a month ago. But for movies and TV vampires….I’ll leave all that up to you.

    My Thursday Thirteen is posted now…if you’d like to stop by…it’s 13 ‘plays on words’ that make you wonder….stop by if you have a chance. Click Here Then, scroll down below my Thursday Thunks Meme….Have a great day.

  3. Spice

    LOVE David Boreanaz. I’m still Team Edward – haven’t seen the movie New Moon yet but read the book. Great TT!

  4. Becca

    Team Edward, here, based solely on the books.
    I should watch Buffy! My bff and her dad watched it together every week…it was their special show!

  5. sandra cox

    Shel, this list was hilarious.
    I’m an Edward girl. Though, I REALLY like Jacob. New Moon was good, Twilight better. I’ve read the series 3 xs.

  6. Stephanie Adkins

    Yep, Jacob is looking mighty fine. I might have to switch teams. LOL Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

  7. J.K. Coi

    LOL, one of my favourite topics: Buffy and Angel :)

    Gotta say, I love Spike the most.

  8. Elise Logan

    I have always wondered why vamps hang around and engage when they see the slayer coming with the stake. Perhaps some kind of innate vampire arrogance?

  9. Linda Henderson

    I haven’t seen either of the Twilight movies. My daughter has and liked the second one better.

  10. Jaime

    I love me some Buffy, but you know that. :grin:

  11. Brenda ND

    Huh, I could add garlic and reflectionless mirrors to the list, maybe. Good post.

  12. Adelle Laudan

    Standing in line for my turn at Bella. LOL
    Fun list. Happy T13!

  13. Kaye Manro

    Fun and interesting list! I enjoyed reading it. But since I don’t write vamps, I don’t have anything else to ad. You did good.

  14. Ella Drake

    Ah, great list. Totally made me smile.
    I’m on team Jacob, too — but I haven’t read the books or seen the movies. :razz:

  15. Calico Crazy

    Definitely team Jacob, and New Moon is worth the watch if only for the half naked man children turning into giant wolves. I still prefer the books to the movies though. I’m also a huge David Boreanaz fan, he was the reason I started watching Bones :wink:.

  16. Heather

    I never got into the whole Buffy craze, but did read the Twilight saga and have seen both movies — IMO New Moon was much better than Twilight (the first might have been better if certain aspects, such as the Volturi, hadn’t been left out). Oh, and as hot as Jacob looked in NM, I’m still on Team Edward. Team Eric, too, for the record — based on the Sookie books, not the TV series.

  17. Nessa

    My daughter loved New Moon. Me? Eh. But I’m not much of a fan of the stories. i don’t care for the main characters much.

    Name That Christmas Song

  18. Inez Kelley


    Wee bit of a fan girl. Edward needs a stake.

  19. LisaG

    I was very disappointed with New Moon. :sad:
    I think Twilight had a better plot and was much better overall. I am a Team Jacob Fan :!: He is gorgeous! :wink:
    I think you need to add Moonlight ‘s vamp Mick St. John to your list of yummy vamps. Alex O’Loughlin played a PI who was turned on his wedding night. He is out to save the world from bad humans and vamps. Along the way he falls for Beth, a human, who is destined to save from all harm. :razz:
    I would also add the TrueBlood vamps to the list too. Eric is hot!! :grin:

  20. RKCharron

    Hi Shelley :)
    That was a fun list. Thanks for sharing.
    I haven’t seen New Moon yet. I’m waiting till it comes out on DVD. One thing I noticed from vampire movies is that …
    a vampire will not be denied the woman he wants.
    (ie climb walls, fog under door, mesmerization, etc)
    All the best,

  21. A. Catherine Noon

    I love Joss Whedon too!! He’s a genius. Have you seen Firefly? Well worth the Netflix. :)

  22. storyteller

    Kewl list! I’ve not read the Twilight series nor seen the film, but I used to watch Buffy faithfully ;-)

    I’ve shared T-13s at Happily Retired Gal and Sacred Ruminations this week … just because.
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. Shelley Munro

    I don’t know – maybe I’ll change my mind after seeing the movie, but Edward annoys me too. Yikes…maybe I shouldn’t say that…looking over shoulder for a group of Edward fans bearing stakes.

  24. Shelley Munro

    Ms. Menozzi and Adelle – ah, I didn’t think I could be the only one who thought that about Bella.

  25. Shelley Munro

    Ella – LOL – I should probably feel a bit sad looking at Jacob that way because I’m a lot older…ah…moving right along here. :mrgreen:

  26. Shelley Munro

    Lisa G – I’ve heard a lot of great things about Moonlight, but we haven’t had the show down here in NZ yet. Sometimes we have to wait a while, which can be very frustrating!

  27. Shelley Munro

    True Blood – I’m team Eric. He makes me laugh the way he’s always calculating the odds and trying to get Sookie.

  28. Shelley Munro

    A. Catherine – I’m a huge Firefly fan. I don’t think it even played on TV down here, but hubby and I have the DVD set. I must watch it again.

  29. Susan Helene Gottfried

    Spike is the reason my son’s nickname is Spike. Seriously.

    I totally agree about the goodness that is Joss Whedon. No argument there.

    As for Twilight? I tried to read it. I did. But it didn’t breathe, and so I moved on. That’s the best way to put it; no pun involved. It didn’t breathe.

  30. Mary

    Loved both Twilight and New Moon. I love all things Vampire. I like reading Vampire romance, Vampire horror, vampire movies…just love them.

  31. Amy W.

    I find it funny that Buffy the Movie and Buffy the show are so different yet both are by Joss- because someone else messed with his vision before the movie was made and he stuck to his guns on the show.
    I’ve read the Twilight saga a few times now and I tend to skip giant parts when I read it now (Mostly the werewolf parts, so I guess I’m team Edward. Unless it’s the movie because Taylor Lautner is so H-O-T!!). I’ve also seen both movies, Twilight was good, New Moon was fabulous.
    P.S. I own all the seasons of Buffy on DVD. The musical episode is my favorite!

  32. Alice Audrey

    My dh and I are saving New Moon for our Christmas movie.

  33. Annalee

    I enjoyed New Moon but the youngsters (their teen fanbase) started giggling everytime the boy’s shirts came off. It was pretty corny. I figure they were laughing because young women loved Twilight because they identified with emotions … so reducing the characters to cheesy stereotypes wasn’t something they were buying into. I haven’t read the book so I assumed that the producers are men. But, then again, maybe these are Stephanie Meyers choices? Anyway, it was just obvious that someone in charge isn’t aware that romance novels don’t have bodice ripper covers and bare-chested men anymore.

  34. Annalee

    Wait! I meant… romance novels don’t have bodice ripper covers with bare-chested men.

  35. stacey smith

    Thats funny.Know have not watch fullmoon yet.but i here that jacob looks hot in it.Love angle and spike .Still love David Boreanaz.

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