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Archive for January, 2010

Things About Shelley

I received a Kreative Blogger award from Debra Kayn this week. Thanks so much, Debra!!

Kreativ Blogger Award

Now, I’m meant to list seven random things about myself – things that you might not know.

Seven Random Things About Shelley Munro

1. My all-time favorite destination to visit is India. It’s a fasinating, colorful, full-on country with friendly people, delicious food, interesting stops, white sandy beaches, lots of history. The complete holiday destination.

2. My husband and I are going to foster dogs and maybe rabbits this year. We both miss Scotty so much, and we’re not ready to replace her yet.

3. I go for a walk with hubby most days – summer and winter – after dinner. The weather has to be really bad before we forgo our walk. It’s nice chatting about our days and things we want to do or have done. We see animals and birds and the stars or a sunset. It’s all good.

4. I’m a good cook, quite capable of making just about anything, but don’t do much in the way of cooking because hubby enjoys it. Cooking relaxes him after a stressful day. I can live with that, although I need to train him to give me smaller portions this year.

5. I work better with a routine and schedule. Things coming out of left-field throw me off stride and upset my day.

6. I get irritated when my husband keeps beating my Wii scores. Yep, I confess. I’m a bad loser when it comes to the Wii.

7. Tomato sauce is one of my favorite condiments. It’s the best invention ever. Freshly ground black pepper is also acceptable.

This month I’m doing an online course with Allison Brennan via the Kiss of Death chaper. The class is called Breaking Rules to Break In or Break Out. I figure I might as well get in the mood and do things my way, so instead of following the rules, I’m going to make my own. We’ll go random.

Tell me two random things about yourself.

It’s Tea and Romance with a Side of Aliens!

Tea For TwoToday I kick off my Tea For Two book tour at Book Junkie. I’m talking about books and keeping track. There’s a giveaway, so come on over and say hello.

My monthly column at The Raven Happy Hour is also live today. Do you know what to do if you see a UFO or come face-to-face with an alien? No? Then you should come over and take notes because you never know!

Blog Participation Winner for December

Congratulations to Sherry S who is my blog participation winner for December. Sherry, a copy of Romancing the Alien is winging its way to your mailbox. Enjoy!

My contest for 2010
I’m amending my contest slightly for 2010. Every three months I’m giving away a $25 Amazon voucher to one lucky visitor. All you need to do is comment on a blog post and you’re in the draw. Of course, the more often you visit, the better your chances of winning. Full details are available on my contest page.

Paint Mare and Foal

Camera Critters



This is my eighty-year-old father’s horse Arizona. She had a foal just over a week ago. Now he’s a bit put out because he can’t ride his horse around the farm, but he’s as proud as punch of Arizona’s foal. He’s about ten days old in this photo and as yet, unnamed. He is so cute and nibbled on my fingers and clothes. Hubby and I wanted to take him home. My father wouldn’t let us.

To see more animal photos visit Camera Critters.

Happy New Year


Happy New Year! I hope 2010 is full of happiness and lots of good books for you all.

I don’t make New Year resolutions, but on Christmas day I mentioned to my husband that we really needed to have Christmas dinner on the beach one year and also to have a white Christmas in the Northern hemisphere somewhere. We’re in the research stage and not in a hurry, but if you know of a place that will have snow on Christmas day, please let me know. We can probably do the beach dinner here in New Zealand. The possibilites are endless.

Do you make New Year resolutions? Do you know of a place that’s guaranteed to have a white Christmas?