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February 12, 2010

Easy Ice Cream.

One of author Jenyfer Matthews’ resolutions for 2010 is to try a new recipe each month. I thought it was a great idea, so I’m doing the same thing. This is my recipe for January—easy and healthy ice cream.

Easy Ice Cream


Ingredients: One banana per person (not over ripe), berries (blueberries, raspberries, boysenberries, red currants etc), yoghurt or a little milk.


Peel and chop the bananas into pieces, place in a container with a lid or a ziplock bag and place in the freezer. I leave them overnight but around three hours in the freezer should do the trick.


Take bananas out of the freezer and place in a food processor. Add berries. I’ve used frozen blueberries and with this batch I used frozen mixed berries. You can also use fresh berries.


Blitz the bananas and berries in the food processor. It will be noisy for a little while. At this stage I use one to two tablespoons of plain yoghurt to help the ingredients bind together. I think you could actually use milk or soy milk at this stage, but I haven’t experimented with this.


The final product will be like thick soft freeze ice cream. Serve and eat straight away. You can actually freeze it, but you need to give it another blitz through the food processor so it isn’t hard and icy to eat. It really is better to eat the ice cream straightaway. :grin:

Do you like to experiment with new recipes or do you stick with the tried and true family favorites?


  1. Carol L.

    :grin: Thanks for this easy and delicious looking recipe. I’m definitely going to try it.
    Carol L.

  2. Jaime

    This looks fantastic! Going to have to try it for myself and the kids. Thanks for sharing. :grin:

  3. Amy W.

    All I can say YUM! And it’s got to be a billion times better fro you than ice cream as well.

  4. Amber S


  5. Kaye Manro

    This looks yummy. All I can say is I love new recipes but I’m usually too lazy or busy to fix them!

  6. Shelley Munro

    It really is yummy and healthy. It would be good for a snack for kids after school.

  7. mary

    Looks good, I’ll have to try it.

  8. chelleyreads

    looks really yummy (and easy to make)! thanks for sharing :)

  9. Cari Quinn

    Yum! Definitely will try this…I love ice cream. :grin:

  10. Linda Henderson

    I love bananas and berries, I will have to try this. Thanks for the recipe. I do enjoy trying new recipes, especially if they are simple.

  11. Jenyfer Matthews

    This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I already made my new recipe for February but I think I may have to try this one soon anyway! When ice cream is this healthy, there is no guilt in eating it as a snack :)

  12. Shelley Munro

    It’s not often that something so simple is healthy for you. Go ahead and try it. I had some last night.


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