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February 16, 2010

A Post of Random: Olympics, Chocolate Creme Eggs, Books by Theme

I’ve been watching the Olympic games and enjoying the mens’ speed skating plus the downhill skiing. Nice suits, that’s all I’m saying. :mrgreen:

How do the sports announcers manage to get their tongues around some of the contestants’ names? Talk about tongue tangling. Just as well I don’t have the job.

The little widget on our computer says 45 days to go until our holiday. I can’t wait to head out for our Pacific cruise, but I keep thinking about all the things I need to do before I leave on holiday. Lists are good!

I’ve added some new photos of Britain and New Zealand to my website photo album.

I’ve also added a new books by theme page to my website. If you enjoy certain plot lines, such as reunited lovers or menage a trois, or settings such as small town or cities, check out this page for easy reference.

Mr. Munro and I have been watching Nestle Hottest Home Baker, a local reality show to choose the best baker. Last night they baked scones and pavlova. The great thing is that there’s one guy in the final lineup. I predict I’ll be trying out some of the recipes in the future.

And finally, the New Zealand public are in an uproar because Cadbury have changed the recipe for their Cadbury Creme Eggs. The eggs are now being made in the UK and imported to New Zealand instead of being produced here. They taste different, and I’m not impressed. Last year they started using palm oil in their chocolate (they changed this after adverse publicity) and they’ve discontinued a lot of our old favorites. Cadbury – this is the reason I purchase Whittakers chocolate now.


  1. Nessa

    Thank you for your kind words on my writing.

    Candy is not good for you. Why would you try to make it healthier? Silliness.


  2. Alice Audrey

    Yeah. Very nice suits. All my dd (12 year old) was “he couldn’t do it because his pants are too tight.)

  3. Jaime

    I never much cared for the Cadbury eggs. They always creeped me out. :wink:

  4. Helen Hardt

    Cadbury mini eggs are my Easter delicacy of choice. Like Jaime, I never much cared for the creme eggs. But the mini eggs? I can eat a whole bagful!!

  5. Mary

    I haven’t watched any of the Olympics yet. But I liek Whittakers chocolate too.

  6. Linda Henderson

    I’ve been watching some of the Olympics. It’s rather nerve wracking to watch the athletes wipe out on the slopes. And I hate it when they mess with my chocolate.

  7. Shelley Munro

    Nessa – who knows? In this case it’s all down to economics and profit.

    Alice – I’ve never really watched the speed skating before, but boy, I’m enjoying it this time. :)

  8. Shelley Munro

    Jaime – and you a horror writer! :mrgreen:

    Helen – Yes, the mini eggs might work.

    Mary – I haven’t watched a lot but what I have seen has been enjoyable.

    Linda – I watched some of the snowboarding today. There were quite a few wipeouts.