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March 11th, 2010
The Wonder Grain

Thursday Thirteen

I entered a competition a few weeks ago and yesterday, I received a box of rice and rice products worth $100. It was a real surprise, and now our pantry is full of rice. It’s just as well I like rice. :grin:

Thirteen Things About Rice

1. Rice is a staple food for more than half the world’s population.

2. Rice belongs to the grass family and produces seeds (the rice grains) on long stalks.

3. Rice is either short, medium or long grain. Short grain rice is more moist and sticky, due to higher starch content. Long grain rice is lighter and drier and the grains separate easier.

4. Rice is high in complex carbs. It has almost no fat. It has zero cholesterol and a low sodium content. It also provides protein and is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It’s gluten free and is easy to digest.

5. More than 40,000 varieties of cultivated rice exist.

6. Arborio rice is a short-grain rice grown in Italy. It absorbs flavor well and is used in making risotto. It can, however, be used in soups, rice puddings and paella dishes.

7. Basmati rice is my favorite. It’s a long-grain rice that comes from India and Pakistan. It’s name comes from the Hindi word for fragrant. It has a nutty scent and is perfect with curries.

8. Sushi rice has been grown in Japan for more than 2000 years. It’s sticky and holds its shape due to the high starch content.

9. Jasmine rice is mild and fragrant and is popular in Thailand and China.

10. At a wedding, the throwing of rice originally symbolized fertility. These days it symbolizes prosperity.

11. In China, young girls who are picky eaters are warned that every grain of rice they leave in their bowls represents a pock mark on the face of their future husband.

12. Rice writing originated in Turkey where it was believed that a grain of rice with an inscribed message led to good luck.

13. When hubby and I did an overland trip from London to Kathmandu, I had a stomach upset in Turkey and was toilet-bound for a couple of days. I still wasn’t very well when we traveled through Iran. At first, I ate rice because it was easy to keep inside me. We had problems finding vegetarian food so then I ate rice because I was hungry. It got to the stage where I didn’t want to see another single grain, let alone eat one! I still remember eating a delicious cheese omelette in an Esfahan hotel where we were staying. It was the best omelette ever.

Source: Taste Magazine – January/February 2010

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40 comments to “The Wonder Grain”

  1. I guess I’ve tasted all types of rice on your list, except arborio. It could be on Italian restaraunts here. Happy Thursday!

  2. I like Jasmine rice. I’ve tried other rice but it’s not the same. I guess that’s because I grew up eating mainly Jasmine rice only.

  3. Hi there, Shelley!

    Here’s something about rice I shall never forget…

    Someone once asked me if “throwing rice” (when you go to a wedding) they should cook it first.


    Interesting post, and congrats on your win!

    Here is mine if you’d like to pop by. Hope to see you soon.


  4. Lots of great info on rice. Thanks for that.

  5. Basmati is a favorite.

  6. I like wild rice which probably isn’t even a rice and any kind of carb is my favorite.

    T13 – Kindle Krazy

  7. Oh, man – I love basmati rice! Now I’m thinking of curries… *drool* Maybe I can persuade the hubby to go out for Indian this weekend?

  8. Before we had kids, we cooked with all different sorts of rice. Since kids… it’s gotten a lot less adventurous. And a lot less fun, too!

  9. I’m a fan of rice. Basmati, jasmine and brown are my favorites. Happy TT!

  10. I love rice in any shape, color, or form!! But I learned something today about the wedding tradition…didn’t know its significance.

    Here’s my 13 for fun this week. Come over and laugh a time or two. I always enjoy the company– Have a great day!!

  11. I like rice too. Jasmine, sushi, and risotto are my favorites. Enjoy your stash! Happy Thursday!

  12. Hey Shelley ;) Hope you’re having a fantastic day. My sons love white rice with mushroom sauce. They’ll eat it every single time I make it. :grin:

  13. My Damien would live on sticky rice if I let him.

  14. I’m not a huge rice fan – but in certain applications it’s really the only thing that works well. Plus, Munchkin loves rice. I don’t dislike rice, I just won’t go out of my way to eat it.

    In our house, we eat brown or wild rice more than white, and have recently begun experimenting with red rice. It’s a tricky business.

  15. I love rice, too. We go through a lot of it here. Basmati, long grain, and sticky rice.
    Yummy stuff. Love my rice cooker!

  16. I lOVE rice. I could literally eat it every day. I like all kinds but prefer just plain rice. I could probably say rice is my favorite food. Weird I know, but then brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable so….

  17. A few years ago I developed food allergies and when I began sorting them out, the only thing I could eat for 10 days was rice and broccoli.

    Rice is a good food. I am grateful for it.

  18. Oooh this is GREAT. I love this kind of stuff.
    Basmati is my favorite rice too. We have to be careful eating it though because my husband is diabetic and rice shoots his blood sugar through the roof.

  19. A pock mark! That would get me eating. I like rice, but would not be able to get through $100 worth before it went bad.

  20. Ohhh I LOVE rice. Actually, I love all carbs … they just don’t love me or my hips. LOL! Happy Thursday!

  21. I’ve added brown and long-grain rice to my family’s diet. I love it! Great post. Happy TT.
    Mine’s at

  22. I knew only a few of those. Good info!

    Have a great Thursday!

  23. Wow…I’m not very rice savvy. lol I’ve only cooked with white or brown rice. Grew up eating a lot of white rice with sugar/cinnamon sprinkled on it.

    Interesting little fact…The churches around here haven’t let people throw rice at weddings for about 15 years, I’m guessing. Supposedly, it was harming the birds that came to eat the uncooked rice. The last few weddings I attended, we were given little pouches of bird seed to throw at the couple instead.

    Great Thursday 13!

  24. Interesting facts! I definitely like brown rice!


    My TT is at

  25. Haha, Rice, all the things I never knew. Thanks for the education!

  26. Wow, this reminded me I haven’t had rice in forEVer. And there have been years where I’ve eaten it every day! Funny!

  27. I love rice in almost any form…we mostly eat Jasmine rice at home because it is so tasty that it goes with everything!

  28. 40,000 varieties? Who knew! As always, I’ve learned something new on you T13.
    Thanks for stopping by mine. :cool:

  29. Ugh, rice is one food I have never been able to swallow. Hope you enjoy your winnings! :smile:

  30. I used to love rice and then I developed Hypoglycemia and have to curb my carbs. so not alot of rice eating for me anymore.

    Congratulations on the win.

  31. I love rice. Fortunately it’s cheap enough to eat all the time.

  32. Sassy – LOL – what did you tell them?

    Nessa – I like wild rice too, but we didn’t get any of that in the pack. I have brown rice though.

  33. Susan – I hear that kids change things. :mrgreen:

    Debra – I don’t think we throw rice here either. Rice or confetti makes such a mess anyway.

  34. Elise – red rice sounds interesting. Is that the Quinea stuff?

  35. Kaily – I like brussel sprouts too, but I think most people will think you’re weird. :mrgreen:

    Maria – we eat a lot of rice. It’s such a quick, easy meal, and as you say, cheap.

  36. basmati rice is my favorite rice too. it smells so wonderful. i love to inhale its aroma before serving.

  37. I didn’t know it was gluten free?! And Congrats on the win

  38. Rice is good tuff!

  39. Wow I didn’t know all that about rice! Thanks!

  40. that is a whole lot learning for me :)

    Down Down and Dump