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April 15th, 2010
Writer Tip: Vivi Andrews

“My advice is to give yourself permission to suck when you’re generating the first draft. You can worry about making it beautiful and flawless in revisions, but the first draft isn’t meant to be perfect. I know if I don’t give myself permission to write dreck, my overachiever tendencies will kick in and I will spend all my time revising and rewriting that first chapter, never getting out of the starting gate. So instead I braindump the entire first draft onto the page, fully expecting it to be unreadable. And strangely enough, when I start revising, I often find it needs much less fixing than I thought it would.”

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  1. Wise advice. I do the same thing. I write the entire first draft without fixing anything. If I get some ideas, I put them at the end of the manuscript to use when I rewrite.

  2. Love it! Very good advice that can be applied to so many things!