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April 24th, 2010
Writer Tip: Crystal Jordan

“My biggest tip to any writer is to write consistently. I used to say people should write every day, but if you miss a day or two, the guilt starts snowballing. So, now I just say you need to make writing a habit that you stick with. If it’s a habit, you train yourself into needing to do it, and the only way to finish a story is to write. Nothing else will get you there, so make sure to make time for it, even if it means using a pad of paper and pen in the car while you’re waiting the ten minutes for the kids to get out of school.”

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4 comments to “Writer Tip: Crystal Jordan”

  1. great comment and I so agree with you!

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  3. Thanks, Kaye! And thanks for having me, Shelley!

  4. Excellent tip! They’ve all been great. :)