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June 3rd, 2010
The Big Cheese

Thursday Thirteen

Last week my topic for Thursday Thirteen was wine. Since wine and cheese go so nicely together it, therefore, makes sense for me to talk about cheese this week.

Thirteen Types of Cheese

1. Cheddar
2. Cream cheese
3. Cottage cheese
4. Stilton
5. Camembert
6. Brie
7. Gorgonzola
8. Ricotta
9. Parmesan
10. Mozzarella
11. Cheshire
12. Gruyere
13. Wensleydale (Wallace & Gromit’s favorite)

Cheese is one thing I really enjoy eating, and there aren’t many types I don’t like. Give me a cheese and pickle sandwich, and I’m a happy camper.

Do you like cheese? What is your favorite type? What is your favorite way to eat cheese?

23 comments to “The Big Cheese”

  1. Mmm I’m a big cheese lover as well, only there are many kinds you couldn’t pay me to eat lol
    My fav way to eat cheese is cutting a few thick wedges to eat with an apple. Yummmy
    Happy T13!

  2. Dang. Now I’m hungry. I’m off for some delicious Cheese!!!


    Here are a few more for your list, should you want to do another one sometime:
    Pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese),
    Burrata (super-rich, wet and yummy)
    Stracchino (almost liquid with a yogurty taste)

    And burrata is super-yummy on a piece of fresh-baked white bread. OMG!

    Happy TT!

  3. I’ve never had Cheshire. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  4. I love eating a big wedge of cheese with an apple too.

  5. I hear a poem in there somewhere.

  6. With my palette turning more Asian these days, I don’t eat much cheese. However, I recall sandwiches with a big fat slab of colby when I was a kid. Now, warm goat cheese on a salas might turn my head. Thanks for sharing this fun list! Now I want a glass of wine all over again…

  7. There are many types of cheese I love (chaddar, mozerella, provolone, swiss, brie, camembert…), but one kind I cannot stand is cottage. That college lab experiment definitely didn’t help. Yuck!

  8. I adore cream cheese and Cheddar.

    Lol, I was thinking Wallace and Grommet while reading your list. I’m a big Wallace and Grommet fan, have their whole collection.:wink:

    Happy TT.

  9. Ah, a lot of cheese fans. Cheese was one of those foods that they discovered by mistake. I heard that someone carried milk on the back of an animal and it changed forms with the movement of the animal. I’m not sure if that’s true or not.

  10. I love cheese. I think my favorite way to eat it though is as Fondue! Yum!

  11. I’m not a big cheese eater but I’m partial to be bit of cheddar.

  12. I prefer cheese in sauces and cooked items, more than raw. Also, liking cheese occurred as an adult when I’d experiment and try out some cheese served with crackers at a pot luck event.Hence, there are some cheeses I like, but I don’t know the type of cheese it is! Happy T-13.

  13. Cottage cheese is actually my favorite, and cream cheese is a close second.

  14. half those cheeses i’ll eat.

    But i love any Wallace and Gromit reference. hooray!

  15. I love cheese! My friend found a cheese at an Aldi’s store, but I could find none at ours, that was for pepperoni lovers, it did taste slightly of pepperoni and was very good. Since my husband loves the stuff, I tried to get some for him for our house but it was a seasonal thing and was all gone!
    Have you ever heard of it?

  16. Ooh, I did a Thursday Thirteen cheese post too a while back. Cheese is good!

  17. I like cheese alot, like cheddar, mozzerella, swiss, cream cheese, ricotta, parmesan. Don’t know if I like brie though. I like it in sandwiches by itself, with meat and sometimes just alone.

  18. OMG… blogging about cheese. LOL
    Cheese isn’t a big thing in our home, but when my cousin and I get together it’s all about the cheese and wine. I don’t know the names… cuz of the wine… but they’re good!

  19. I like all kinds of cheese, particularly sharp cheddar, sharp provolone, gruyere.

    Dont care for bleu cheese or gorgonzola.

    I like cheese on a sandwich or just to slice a hunk and eat it with a meal or again, on the side of a sandwich.

  20. I adore cheese and have only met a rare few I didn’t like.

  21. I love cheese! One of my families biggest snacks is cheese and crackers. I like all kinds of cheese but my favorite is smoked cheddar..omg that is so good.

    I also like string cheese, there’s nothing more fun than to tear it apart and eat the strings. Kids love that.

    My other favorite is muenster cheese. My husbands favorite right now is salmon cream cheese on bagels…wow why am I so hungry now? lol

  22. I laughed when I saw Wensleydale (Wallace & Gromit’s favorite). I love Wallace & Gromit. I love a cheese with bite. So anything mature & I am in heaven.

  23. I love all cheese and i will eat it almost any way I can…..
    I love cheese dips
    cheese spreads
    chunk cheese
    cheese in salads
    i just love cheese