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July 22nd, 2010
Feelin’ Blue

Thursday Thirteen

Blue is my favorite color, and since I returned our foster dog to the SPCA today, I’m definitely feeling blue. I figured I’d go entirely blue for this week’s Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Blue Things

1. Blue Suede Shoes – a rock ‘n roll number first recorded by Carl Perkins in 1955.

2. Blue whales – the largest known animal.

3. Sky – there’s nothing prettier than a clear blue sky on a summer’s day.

4. Sapphires – my favorite gemstone.

5. Blue moon – when two full moons fall during the same calender month, it’s called a blue moon, hence the saying, once in a blue moon.

6. You can have a blue – in this case it’s an Australian expression that means you have a fight or disagreement.

7. Smurfs – are funny little blue creatures who have a whole franchisee going on.

8. Blue jeans – my favorite apparel.

9. Ocean – you can go sailing on the deep blue sea.

10. The Na’vi in the movie Avatar are a pretty blue.

11. Blue mood – when you’re feeling a little depressed.

12. Blue man group – a theatrical group that performs music and comedy.

13. Blue Danube waltz – a romantic waltz by Johann Strauss.

Do you like blue? Do you have any blue things to add to my list?

17 comments to “Feelin’ Blue”

  1. Great blues – together they made music ;-)

  2. How about blue moon ice cream or blueberries? Happy TT! :mrgreen:

  3. Anthony – I didn’t think of blues music. It was an obvious one.

    There was also the movie The Blues Brothers. I love that movie and the sound track too.

  4. Brenda – I’ve never heard of blue moon ice cream. Is it an American thing?

    I thought of blueberries after I did the post. I like blueberry muffins. :grin:

  5. I’ve been wanting to see the Blue Man Group for ages, and yeah, the Na’vi are a pretty blue. Hugs on your dog.

  6. Can you believe I’m listening to the “Blues Brothers” soundtrack as I read and type this! I hope you’re feeling less blue for that little laugh. Thanks for your good work in dog fostering!

  7. Hugs. Sorry you had to give Patch up today.

    I feel blue today, I got whacked with a Flu. Blech.

  8. Ah, I love Strauss. He’s featured prominently here at next week’s Concert on the Square, but can you believe — no “Blue Danube.”

    And yes, Blue Moon ice cream is an American thing. Used to love that flavor as a kid.

  9. Blue is also my favorite color and I’m very partial to sapphires, it just happens to be my birthstone as well. Another favorite blue thing of mine is a blue rose. I have a tattoo of one.
    Fun list and I hope it helped chase the blues away. Happy T13!

  10. Sorry that you had to give Patch back and that you are feeling blue over it….

  11. Aww, sorry you had to give Patch back and you got a little attached to him. That’s why I couldn’t do it. Are you going to foster another dog?

    How about Blue Berries, Blue eyes, blue skies, Blue

  12. I was sad dropping off Patch, but he recognized several of the staff there. He was obviously a favorite because they even remembered his name. He walked off happily with them, wagging his tail and didn’t look back. Part of me was sad and the other part – totally miffed! He could have looked back at me.

  13. Blue — the color of the water in an inviting swimming pool. (Guess where I was today!)

    Sorry the foster pup went back. I’m considering fostering when I am down a cat… at least until I find the right sort of quirky replacements.

  14. lol Patch left with a good attitude! Just think of that puppy who hid in the garden when you got him and now he’s scampering off happily. You done good, Shelley!

    I wish our skies were blue! lol Tired of the gray. ;-)

  15. You didn’t mention a Bluey, (Aussie dog).

    Happy TT

  16. Susan – fostering is very rewarding, but it’s hard to give them back!

    Debra – that’s true. A few things still scare him, but he’s much better. His profile is up on the adoption page. I just saw it and cried. :neutral:

  17. Great suggestion, Janice. Blue heelers are lovely dogs.