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October 3rd, 2010
Just Floatin’ Along

Camera Critters

My photo today is a teal duck. I took this in Christchurch (the city that had the recent earthquake). This is the Avon river, which runs through the city.

Teal Duck, Avon River

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8 comments to “Just Floatin’ Along”

  1. Lovely :)

    The last time I took my little niece to see the ducks, she fell asleep and missed them! It’s too wet & miserable to take her today.

  2. Wonderful—was that in Hagley Park? Watching the birds was one of the highlights of my 2007 visit to Christchurch. That and the Honey Pot cafe.

  3. Lovely photo Shelley. I just love photographs. We have little ducks wandering around the streets here. I’m always worried that the dogs will get them.

    Suzanne :)

  4. Beautiful pic. There is something so peaceful about watching ducks swimming about.

  5. Nikki-ann – it’s spring down here and there are ducklings, cynets and goslings at our local ponds. I love watching them, although I keep a healthy distance from the swans. They like to discourage sightseers!

  6. How sweet, I love ducks.

  7. Nice photo. There are more Canada geese than ducks on the waters here lately, as birds are starting to migrate south. Can’t say I blame them, what with the temp dropping to FREEZING last night. *whimper*

  8. Cara – no, but close by to the park. Hagley park is quite big.