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October 18th, 2010
Shopping Success and Foster Dogs

I went shopping yesterday, on the hunt for a nice summery dress. Success. This is the one I purchased and I’m really pleased with it. Now if only the weather would cooperate so I could start wearing it.


When we applied to foster dogs for the SPCA we thought we’d have dogs quite often. We had Patch for five weeks and haven’t had another dog since. I rang to ask about the frequency but evidently the fosters aren’t available all the time. Color me disappointed when I arrived home after picking up my husband from golf to find a message on our answer phone. I rang back straight away, but they’d found an alternative foster for Mikey meantime. Cross your fingers that a foster comes up soon. I’m really missing a dog around the place and, unfortunately, we can’t adopt one at present since it’s possible my husband will be transferred to the other end of the country.

And finally, I was very excited to wake up to find The Spurned Viscountess had made the Top Five list at Carina Press. By the time you check out the list I’ll probably have disappeared, but I thought it was exciting. :grin:

9 comments to “Shopping Success and Foster Dogs”

  1. I’m so thrilled that you made the best-seller list!! :oohh:

    I am really surprised that more foster dogs aren’t available. Hope you get one soon. Patch was adorable.

  2. Congrats Shelley on the top five rating for your book! Hard work and being a great storyteller pays off huh? ;-) And good luck on the adoption. I have 2 large dogs, they are a handful, but you know—- I’m glad for them. Have a GREAT day!

  3. Congrats on being on the Top Five list at Carina, Shelley. But I’m not surprised. :)

    I like the dress. Very summery. I hope the weather cooperates and you get to wear it soon.

    And I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get a foster dog soon.

  4. Cute dress!

  5. The dress looks beautiful! :)

    Fingers crossed a dogs becomes available soon.

  6. Maria – I was surprised too, but evidently the dogs they foster out have all been injured in some manner. The ones that are healthy are put up for adoption straight away while the fosters need to recuperate.

    I guess it’s good that they haven’t had many badly injured dogs lately. I’d rather that than dogs non-stop.

  7. NJ – thanks. I was actually surprised to see it on the list. It’s gone up one today too. :grin:

    Heather – thanks! I liked it so decided to snap it up before they sold out.

  8. Nikki-ann – thanks! I really hope we get a dog soon too. I really miss having a dog around the house.

  9. Great dress. Great news! re popularity of The Spurned Viscountess. And I completely understand about missing a dog around the place. Who else will listen to all those writerly complaints in exchange for a simple belly rub?