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October 20th, 2010
Water Lillies

I’ve always liked water lillies, which is probably why I’m a fan of Claude Monet. I adore his water lily paintings. A few years ago hubby and I purchased a single water lily. It’s never grown very well until last year when it had two flowers. A few months ago hubby repotted the plant, dividing it into three. Since then the plant has flourished, growing heaps of leaves. We’re now waiting for the flowers to pop up. Maybe we’ll even beat our record of two this year.

Water lillies are actually Nymphaeaceae and they grow in fresh water in both temperate and tropical climes. The plants grow in dirt, but the leaves and flowers float on the surface of the water. They come in lots of different colors, the flowers lasting only a few days before dying.

I took the photos below at the Wellington Botanic earlier this year.

Water Lily

Water Lily

Water Lily

Do you like water lillies?

15 comments to “Water Lillies”

  1. I never really thought about it before, I do love colorful flowers and these are just beautiful.

  2. They are beautiful flowers.

  3. I love them. In my first apartment I had a couple of Monet prints hanging on the walls.

    Good luck I hope you get more flowers this year! :mrgreen:

  4. Beautiful pics. I love waterlilies. We were hoping to get up to Giverny when we were in Paris but, alas, did not make it.

  5. I do like water lillies and have always been a fan of Claude Monet’s work. We don’t live in a climate that is good for them so we don’t have any at home but I would love it if we could :)

  6. I live in a desert state so don’t get to see many water lilies but these are beautiful!

  7. Mary – I love colorful flowers. Our garden looks pretty at the moment with all the spring flowers. We have freesias and pansies out at present.

  8. NJ – I think they’re pretty. I never realized they were so short-lived until I watched the ones in our small pond.

  9. Karen – hubby and I went to Wellington to a Monet exhibition last year. I like his paintings a lot.

  10. Heather – I’d love to visit Giverny one day. Something for the bucket list.

  11. Maria – we’re certainly suited to water lillies in New Zealand. Lots of rain and humidity!

  12. Sarah – the desert has other beautiful attractions! :grin:

  13. You took GREAT pics Shelley. I’ll have to read more about you, I may discover we have another ‘common interest’ in photography or graphic design eh??? ;-)

  14. Hi kd – I love taking photos and carry my digital camera with me everywhere. It’s the perfect size to slip into my handbag.

  15. Shelley – If I ever win the lottery or come into an unexpected inheritance I’ll meet you there! :wink: