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November 1st, 2010
You Know Summer Has Arrived When…

The first ripe strawberry makes its appearance.




What sign says summer to you? And for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, what sign says winter to you?

10 comments to “You Know Summer Has Arrived When…”

  1. It’s turning chilly in the evenings in Cairo – going to have to start wearing my fleece pullover to watch evening tennis lessons!

  2. I really like this time of the year in New Zealand. It’s warm during the day yet not too hot that you can’t sleep at night.

  3. New leaves on the trees for spring and falling leave for fall.

  4. Lots of subtle summer signs, but that moment when you step barefoot from the verandah to the concrete paving and burn your soles — ah, summer :wink:

  5. When the short shorts start appearing all over the place, I feel like summer has arrived.

  6. When it’s cold enough outside that I have to pull out my jacket…it’s winter time for me.

  7. That was so funny! Here I am getting out the sweaters and washing my winter coat and you have “You know summer has arrived”. I thought at first I had found so old, saved posting :lol:
    We are still in fall here in OK, but you can tell we are headed for winter because the yard is completely covered in leaves. They gently fall for weeks, then all at once…you can’t find the driveway one day when you get home because everything is covered! Next thing we know they will be calling for freeze warnings and talking about snow even if we don’t get it much.

  8. Esther – I love seeing spring blossom on the trees. We’re almost at the end of that stage here.

    Jenny – ah, barefeet. Hot concrete. We used to scuttle across the black iron sand to get to the water when we were kids. It’s heats up a lot in the sun.

  9. Gladys – I’ve been wearing my shorts for the last couple of weeks. :grin:

    Mary K – I’m glad I’m in the warm part of the season.

    Vicky – that’s the only problem with lots of trees. They’re pretty during the spring and summer though.

  10. Winter is when you see a bright red cardinal singing it’s heart of at the top of a snow covered pine.