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April 27th, 2011
Toys for Bella

Our puppy Bella is a real terror with her toys. She chews them and rips them to shreds until eventually I need to confiscate them for her safety. I decided I’d try to make her a chew toy.

Toy Materials

I cut up this old blanket, using the checks as a cutting guide. I cut the fabric three squares wide and cut down the lines, leaving one end intact. I ended up with long tassel-like pieces, which I plaited and tied with a knot. The photo below is what I ended up with after the plaiting/braiding.

Bella's New Toy

Bella took to it straightaway and had a fine time tearing around the house with her new toy. She ends up chewing it to pieces but has a few hours of entertainment. When she sees me making a new toy for her she’s there trying to chew it as I’m braiding.

Bella and Toy

Bella and Toy

Mr. Munro came home from hospital today. He has his right arm in a plaster and needs to wear a sling. He can’t drive for eight weeks and has four weeks off work. I can’t see the scar but hubby said it looks like a lightning zigzag – sort of Harry Potterish. Bella and I are pleased he’s home, but I can see that frustration and impatience will make tempers flare during the coming weeks. Mr. Munro is not good at sitting around doing nothing.

10 comments to “Toys for Bella”

  1. I had to take away all soft toys from Iko. He seemed to get confused between his teddy bear and the leather sofa. :roll:

    I’m so glad your hubby’s home. Give him plenty to eat and the remote control. Then make yourself scarce. :lol:

  2. i am glad Mr. Munro is finally home. You made such a wonderful toy for Bella. Mr. Munro and Bella can play for the next 4 weeks. ;)

  3. So glad to hear your hubby is home. Mine is in a cast until the 19th of next month as well. He is not happy about not being able to do much either. I feel for you both.

    That doggie toy is cute, what a great idea.

  4. :grin:

    Very clever – may have to make one of those myself for Chevvy !!!

  5. Maria – I’m crossing my fingers. So far she’s only nibbled on the rocker of my chair and the garden furniture. She hasn’t done it for a while. I’d rather she shred toys!

  6. I’m not good at doing nothing either – you should have seen me when I ruptured a disk in my back, way back before we had a wireless router!!!! Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery!

  7. That dog of yours is so adorable…Love her pink toy…I think it is neat you made it….

  8. Bella is a lucky, lucky dog!…..lol

    I’m so glad that Mr. Munro is home and hopefully everything will be smooth sailing…
    Perhaps he can pick up a new hobby while he is home that he can do indoors so that he’s not bored??? Good Luck!

  9. What a great toy!

    I’m a bit late to any party, and only recently discovered the Kong chew/fetch/bounce toys. They seem like survivors — so far anyway. My golden retriever loves tracking their weird bounces, and my sister’s dog took one look (she’s part kelpie and hyper) and fell in love. She snatched the kong and started mock-growling with happiness.

    Glad your hubby’s safe home.

  10. Love the clever homemade chew toy. Glad to hear that the hubby is back at home. Here’s hoping the next few weeks fly by and he doesn’t drive you too crazy!