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June 17th, 2011
A Doggie Treat On Hot Days


During the hotter summer days we make our puppy an iceblock. It not only keeps her cool but also helps keep her amused if we have to leave her alone for a few hours. You have no idea how much mischief one puppy can get up to if they’re left to their own devices!!

To make an ice block you need:

1 x plastic container plus lid.
an assortment of doggy treats.

We use margarine or ice cream containers. For the treats we use meat scraps, chopped sausages, cubes of cheese etc. If we have them on hand we also use meat juices/stock to flavor the water.

Method: chop up treats and place in plastic container. Fill container with water and place in freezer. Once the ice block is frozen, tip it out of the container and give to your dog on a hot day. The treats tend to sink to the bottom so you might like to fill your container up halfway, freeze, then add some more treats and water so you have treats in the middle of the ice block.

Do you make any special treats for your pets?

9 comments to “A Doggie Treat On Hot Days”

  1. What a good idea! My guys don’t know what heat is. They stay indoors in the air conditioning. Yes, they are spoiled. :)

  2. LOL Maria. Our airconditioning is opening a door or window. Although it does get hot at times we don’t need AC.

  3. All the time. I recently started freezing grapes, pieces of melon, peas, and oranges for my 4 rats. They love the frozen grapes and I like to put the frozen peas in a small glass pan with some water and let them play in the water to get them out.

  4. That’s a good idea, Mary. Our puppy quite likes grapes. She wanted to try some when I ate some the other day. She’s funny :)

  5. What a great idea! Our old dog used to love eating anything frozen! :)

  6. Hi Nikki-ann. I thought it was a good idea. I saw it on TV on Better Homes and Gardens. I often pick up tips on their show.

    One recent tip was to dissuade cats from using a garden as a toilet area. Place orange skins on the garden. Evidently they don’t like the smell of the orange.

  7. Aww that is so great…My little guy can’t have treat due to his age..It is hard for him to chew things…

  8. What a great idea!

  9. I bet puppy loves that!