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August 22nd, 2011
Twelve Facts (?) About Werewolves

1. Legends of werewolves have been with us since Greek times and even earlier.

2. European folk law in particular is full of tales of men shifting to wolves.

3. In one of the legends, Ovid (Metamorphoses) served human flesh to Zeus. In punishment, he was changed to a wolf.

4. Lycanthropy is a mental illness where a patient believes they have transformed into a wolf.

5. Curved fingernails, red hair, eyebrows that meet, hair that grows beneath the skin are all signs of a werewolf.

6. Werewolves have superhuman strength but are vulnerable to silver bullets.

7. The vulnerability to silver only appears in tales after 1935.

8. Werewolves are very active during a full moon.

9. In some tales, a special salve is rubbed over the body and this transforms a man to werewolf.

10. Some werewolves transform after donning a wolf skin or a wolf skin belt.

11. If a werewolf bites a human, the human will become a werewolf. This method of turning is a modern invention and does not appear in early legends.

12. Many of our recent thoughts/perceptions are due to Hollywood movies and popular novels, and they bear little relation to the old legends.

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What do you think about werewolves? Do you have any tidbits to add to my werewolf list?

9 comments to “Twelve Facts (?) About Werewolves”

  1. Werewolves in human form are attractive to females because of their animal magnetism.

  2. LOL that’s true! We paranormal readers do love our werewolf heroes.

  3. Congrats on your latest release! And thanks for the werewolf facts – very interesting :-)

  4. Thanks, Sarah. I’m looking forward to release date very much.

  5. Ref: Werewolves in human form are attractive to females because of their animal magnetism

    I can’t help but think of Alcide from True Blood.
    but otherwise, well…whatever I was thinking about got pushed out my head once Alcide’s ridiculous form invaded.

  6. LOL :) I know what you mean.

  7. Werewolves are my favorite paranoral being you cant go wrong with a loyal alpha male mmmmm sighs lol :)

  8. Those are very interesting facts (?) about werewolves. I read somewhere that werewolves are humans that have been cursed. Don’t know if it is a fact though. But I think werewolves are cool and I love to read about them. Thanks for sharing.

  9. An interesting post. Tried to comment yesterday, but kept getting an error message.