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August 29th, 2011
Twelves Pieces of Advice For First Dates

Going out with someone new can be nerve-racking and stressful. I’m currently researching a new story where first dates are involved, and here are some commonsense suggestions I’ve discovered to get through that date without breaking a sweat. I’ll definitely be using these in my fictional first date…or not!

1. Don’t call it a date. Keep it casual and keep the pressure off.

2. Limit the length of the date. If the date is a disaster, it’s best not to prolong it! Choose an activity such as coffee or a walk in the park or go for a drink.

3. Have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

4. Don’t be late. It sets a bad impression.

5. Agree on what to wear so neither of you are surprised when you meet for the date.

6. Groom appropriately i.e. wear a deodorant and make sure you don’t still have lunch stuck in your teeth.

7. Don’t drink too much alcohol.

8. Be assertive without being aggressive. Make decisions but don’t be too bossy!

9. Go somewhere quiet so that you can hear each other talk and get to know each other.

10. Don’t talk about your ex! No one wants to hear about the one who got away.

11. Offer compliments if there is something about your date that you like.

12. Don’t do all the talking. Listen as well.

I didn’t date that much, since I met my husband when I was quite young, but I do remember a first date where the guy reeked of garlic and wanted to kiss. Yuck!

Do you have any advice for first dates or any first date horror stories?

4 comments to “Twelves Pieces of Advice For First Dates”

  1. I have another one for you…Don’t bring your baby with you. lol

    My brother had a date years ago and afterwards he called me to tell me she brought her 6 month old baby with her without telling him she even had a baby.

    He asked her who the baby’s father was and if they were still seeing each other and she said, “well, not really seeing each other but he lives with me…just for the babies sake.”

    needless to say he never saw her again…lol

  2. Some good advice, Shelley. Only thing I can think to add is:

    Meet somewhere public if you have never met before (esp if you meet online), and have an escape route planned.

  3. It’s been too long since I’ve had a first date. LOL.

    I would add to #12, ask questions about the other person to make him/her feel important.

  4. Wow…so um…hmmm…though I’m single, I don’t date, at least I haven’t found the time or person to take time away from my busy motherhood, working, writing life. The only thing I can add is that it would be a good idea to have an open mind. The other person will probably be as nervous as you.