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February 16th, 2012
Thirteen Common Endearments


Since it was Valentine’s Day this week I thought a list of endearments would be the perfect topic for my TT.

Thirteen Endearments

1. Love/lover

2. Sweetheart

3. Darling

4. Dear

5. Honey

6. Babe/Baby

7. Sugar

8. Sweetpea

9. Sweetie/Sweet

10. Doll/dollface

11. Cutie

12. Sunshine

13. Cupcake

When we lived in England, it was very common for the customers in the pub where we worked to call the barmaids luv or darlin’ or sweetheart. I was a bit taken aback at first, but soon became used to 18 year old men calling me luv.

One of our regulars used to call all of the girls “me old darling.” He’d say, “Another drink, me old darling.” I hated this and used to grit my teeth each time. When my husband wants to wind me up, he’ll call me that. Gets me going every time!

Do you use endearments in your relationships? Which endearments do you absolutely despise?

27 comments to “Thirteen Common Endearments”

  1. You might like the Italian endearment “Tesoro”, which means “Treasure”. My hubby calls me that on occasion, when he doesn’t call me by my usual nickname, “Cheeks”. :)

    Happy TT!

  2. Treasure is quite a nice endearment.

  3. My husband calls me Pookie. I have no idea why.

  4. Pookie? I haven’t heard that one before :)

  5. I could get used to being called “luv”. :) I think I use more endearments with my dogs than my husband. I used Baby Dog, Sweetie Pie, Sugar Love, etc. with them. Lol.

  6. LOL – I do too, Brinda. Hubby doesn’t like or use endearments at all.

  7. You know, my hubby doesn’t use endearments! LOL!!!! I think Baby is the only one he HAS used and that one sparingly.
    I never thought about it. LOL!

  8. Mine neither, Jen.

  9. Fun TT! Love having pet names for each other!


    My TT is at http://paigetylertheauthor.blogspot.com/

  10. Hi Paige :)

  11. I use sweetie, and my mother used to use sweet pea. My MIL uses peanut.

  12. Some of my heroes use sweetpea. I like it.

  13. My ex bro in law used to call his wife, petunia doodle. I thought that was pretty strange lol Fun list. Happy T13!

  14. Now that is a strange one!

  15. Hubby calls me ‘little one’ or ‘boss’.

    I wonder why? LOL!

  16. LOL! He knows his place :)

  17. My husband calls me Lovey and I call him Dovey.

  18. So many endearments, so little time! Babe, Baybeee, (as in “Heeeeeyyy Baybeeee”) Hun, Darl, Sweet, Skinny Butt, (! yay! it’s newly true!! I lost 107 pounds!), Handsome, Mister, Beautiful, Gorgeous, Sexy etc etc!

    The cat has many more: Chat, Chatty Cat, Chatty Cake, Teacake, Mrs. Teacake, Jolly Mrs. Teacake, Lady Chat, Lady Chatterly, Mrs. Beast, Chaaaaaatteeee, Cakes, The Teacake (as in “The Teacake is OUT”), Chit Chat etc etc!

    In Joy,
    Sara McGoodwin
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  19. Some interesting ones on your list.

  20. LOL now that’s cute.

  21. No one in my life to call me endearments. But Taye from Sleeping With the Wolf calls Carla “sweetheart” anmd Shadow calls Glory “sunshine”. I like them.

  22. Sunshine is cute.

  23. I think I’ve been called them all. :D

    Thanks for sharing!


  24. Ken and I call each other honey all the time.

    I used to call my daughter crudmuffin when she was a baby…lol

    And I call the rats silly boys and squishy boys.

  25. Alas, like Maddy, no one in my life to whisper any of these endearments. My sister and BIL call each other “Buddy.”

  26. I thought Pandora and Evolve we’re endearment enough ;)

  27. My husband doesn’t use endearments, but he changes the way he says my name. There is a clear difference between a short, clipped, staccato calling and the one when his voice is lowered and the vowels are stretched out as he says my name. lol