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February 29th, 2012
A Visit to Bam, Iran

Mud Town, Bam, Iran

During our trip from London to Kathmandu we traveled through Iran. One of our stops was the town of Bam. This is the old mud town, which was fascinating. We arrived about half an hour before closing, so it was a hurried visit, but we were the only tourists around.

Most of the village was intact. I’d never seen anything like it before with the high wall surrounding the buildings, the round towers and the maze of buildings inside. The town sat on a hill. We raced to the highest point and looked out over the entire town. The setting sun made the mud bricks glow in an incredibly rich color. It was beautiful.

Tragically an earthquake struck the town of Bam a few years ago, and much of the town was badly damaged.

13 comments to “A Visit to Bam, Iran”

  1. I would have loved to see this. It looks amazing

  2. It really was a magical place, and the visit has stayed with me all these years.

  3. The picture looks so amazing. it’s awesome that who over did the building was able to get so much detail into it. That’s really tragic about the earthquake.

  4. Yes, the earthquake was terrible. A lot of people died in the quake.

  5. Wow, this would be amazing to see in person…

  6. It was! Oh, and I forgot to mention. Those black-robed figures in the photo? That’s me and our friends. We had to cover up like the local ladies.

  7. I remember the Bam quake on the news. Devastating. But what a place! Thanks for the photo, Shelley :)

  8. It was such a unique place. I imagine much of it would have been destroyed.

  9. That is so sad. I wish I could have seen it in tact.

  10. Thanks for stopping by, Ciarra :)

  11. I love this! It reminds me of a medieval world. The crusades come to mind when I look at this.
    Thanks for sharing, Shelley.

  12. That’s exactly what it reminded me of. We did actually visit one of the old crusade castles in Syria. I’ll post a photo when I find them.

  13. Now that looks like a cool place to visit. Love the intricate designs visable on the front tower. Very sad to think of it destroyed.