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May 13th, 2012
Camel Fair, Pushkar, India

Pushkar, India

Pushkar, India

The Pushkar camel fair takes place once a year in November. We visited Pushkar just as the people were starting to arrive with their camels. They say around 200,000 people view the 50,000 camels and cattle on sale, and most of the buying and selling takes place before the official start of the fair. The top photo shows camels as far as the eye could see. I can only imagine the sight once all the people and camels arrive!

10 comments to “Camel Fair, Pushkar, India”

  1. Oh wow…I love the pictures. You know I’m always amazed at all the amazing places you have been.

    Happy Mother’s Day..

  2. Thanks, Savannah. I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos.

  3. Hi Shelley,

    I was also at Pushkar in November one year and visited this camel fair. OMG! The people, and the heat and camels! Everywhere the eye could see!

    Thanks for the photos! It brought back memories!

  4. Pushkar is interesting to visit, even without the camels. I’ve been twice and enjoyed it very much.

  5. 50,000?! That’s a lot of camels!

  6. It sure is!

  7. On the advice of an Indian shipmate who came from the region, I wrangled enough leave while the ship was in Calcutta (The current spelling feels wrong to me). I had to wade through a maze of red tape to travel by plane and train with him to the camel fair and visit his family. It was at its height when we arrived and the crowd made normal Indian towns look deserted. We were entertained royally by his extended family and returned to the ship as physical wrecks, but I still receive letters from that visit and keep vowing to return.

  8. India is a full-on country and so full of color. It sounds as if you had a great visit :)

  9. Wow, those are big animals. Not sure I’d be comfortable getting on the back of one. lol

  10. Hi Shelley,
    Sorry to contact you this way but your ‘contact me’ form gave me an error – no verification code!
    I’m pleased to say that you’ve won an ebook copy of Keir. Please can you let me know which format you’d like – Kindle, epub, pdf and html formats available – and an email addy to send it to. Congrats, and thanks for stopping by to comment on the tour. :)