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June 20th, 2012
Keep on Truckin’

One of the things that sticks in my mind about India and Pakistan is the large number of trucks, all highly decorated, honking their horns nonstop. At times the horns are deafening. No one seems to pay attention to them, but I remember the racket with fondness. All that noise and confusion. The photos below were all taken in Pakistan.

Pakistan - convoy

We were part of this convoy of trucks, driving through Pakistan. From memory we all came to a halt because one of the trucks was overloaded and fell off the road.


Pakistan - Quetta

An overloaded truck!

Pakistan - Quetta

Trucks have to go around pedestrians…

Pakistan - Quetta

And lots of other obstructions. Perhaps that’s why they toot their horns.


Pakistan - Shelley & slingshot

And finally, here’s a shot of me and a group of Pakistani boys. I’m trying out their slingshot. Notice the boy right behind me. He has no faith in my abilities!

14 comments to “Keep on Truckin’”

  1. Ref: He has no faith in my abilities!

    Smart kid. LOL!

  2. Hey, I’ll have you know I can scare off baboons with my slingshot. They’re big and scary.

  3. Oh but you probably proved how good you are. I always love your photo’s and stories.

  4. Thanks, Savannah. We had a ball playing with the kids along the way. We played marbles and cricket quite a bit.

  5. These pix are so great! Now I want to go vacation somewhere exotic, it’s been too long, LOL.

  6. May you have an exotic vacation in your near future :)

  7. I always enjoy visiting your blog but days like this are extra fun as I feel I’m taking a trip with you. Enjoying something far and away right here in the comfort of my home.

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I always enjoy posting them since it’s a jaunt back into memories.

  9. That kid behind you cracked me up.

  10. Yeah! He’s not very trusting, is he?

  11. You look highly capable with that slingshot. That is so cool how the trucks are decorated. I love the colorful designs!

  12. The trucks were very cool. They were all different and had lots of dangly things in the cab too. Lots of eye-popping color.

  13. Love the one boy’s reaction, LOL.

    Do you think decorating trucks goes back to the days of caravans?

  14. Great pictures. Especially the last one with the little boys.