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June 27, 2012

Shop Until You Drop!

For some people shopping is a sport. Others, like me, don’t find the past time as much fun. Battling with crowds—forget about it! There’s a few exceptions to my dislike of shopping. I can shop for books for hours, and I enjoy exploring markets, especially when they’re involved with travel.

I thought I’d share a few market photos with you today.

Zimbabwe - Bartering for Avocados

It’s always fun bartering for goods. This is me bartering for avocados for lunch.


India - Cochin

A vegetable stall in Cochin, India. People are always so friendly.


India - Jeypur

Stalls selling fabric, also in India


India - Mysore

Some stalls are colorful and full of mysterious things, India.


Nukualofa, Tonga

You can buy fans in Tonga.


Pakistan - Quetta

Or fabric from a tailor in Pakistan.


Do you like shopping? What is your favorite thing to shop for?


  1. Brinda

    That looks like fun, but I’m absolutely horrible at bartering.

  2. Shelley Munro

    LOL I’m terrible too, but that’s all part of the fun.

  3. Mary Kirkland

    I like to shop for books, of course.

    I like shopping at home on my computer. click click done..

    • Shelley Munro

      Online shopping makes it easy and painless. It’s great for Christmas shopping.

  4. Maria Zannini

    I love wandering open air stalls, but the negotiating tires me out.

    • Shelley Munro

      Constant bartering does get tiring. I’m always happy to return home and pay the price displayed without worrying. Bartering makes shopping such a social experience. Some shopkeepers bring out tea and it takes ages. There’s unwritten etiquette!

  5. Savannah Chase

    I do agree, sometimes I hate to shop. I would rather spend the time doing something more productive. I loved your photo’s. I’m not too bad at bartering. I don’t do it often but it is still fun when you do.

    • Shelley Munro

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Savannah.

  6. karensdifferentcorners

    Oh I hate shopping! But looking at these pictures might entice me to shop. :-)

    • Shelley Munro

      Markets are my favorite places to explore when we’re traveling. So many photo opportunities!

  7. Steph

    I hate shopping most of the time but I wouldn’t mind visiting some of those markets you’ve been to!

    • Shelley Munro

      I think that often we’re in a hurry when we shop and have to battle with other people who are in a hurry too. It takes all the pleasure out of the occasion.

  8. Ciara Knight

    I’m terrible at bartering. I think it is fun to go to the markets, but I need someone else to get the price down for me. :)

    • Shelley Munro

      My hubby loves to barter and is a handy person to have around. It’s like a sport for him.

  9. Angela Brown

    I’m not big on shopping or keen on the bartering so it’s always in and out for me. These pictures are wonderful, so many things to enjoy around the world.

  10. Heather

    I’m afraid I am not much of a shopper or barterer–unless, of course, books or craft supplies are on the agenda. I particularly hate shoe shopping. Due to flat feet, I am having a horrible time trying to find a decent pair of new walking shoes. When I actually find a pair in my size, they don’t feel comfortable in the sole or instep.

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