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July 30th, 2012
The Mystery of the Mesclun Salad

Mr. Munro planted a tub of Mesclun salad not long ago. The tub sat outside our kitchen in a nice sunny spot. I even remembered to water it each day, and we’d started harvesting the leaves, eating them for dinner.

Then I arrived home to find this…

Squashed Mesclun Salad

Flat Mesclun salad!

At first I thought it needed water, but water didn’t help. I’d come back from a day out to find the leaves looking sick and limp.

Something clicked and suspicion started to bloom.

Bella, the puppy suspect!

This was my main suspect – Bella, the puppy.

Then on Saturday, I caught the suspect in the act. The first sun of the day shines on the tub of mesclun salad, and Bella was using the plants as a comfortable bed. I let out a shout, unfortunately before I snapped a photo to prove the crime, and she jumped off.

Oh, yes. She pleaded guilty. Her low, tucked tail wag was an indication of complete guilt.

Another crime solved by Shelley Munro.

14 comments to “The Mystery of the Mesclun Salad”

  1. Bella! Naughty puppy. But smart too. She knows a comfy bed when she sees one.

    She is gorgeous. I’m no glad to see a recent picture of her.

    RIP, Mesclun.

  2. She’s such a character, Maria. It’s hard to stay cross with her.

  3. Bad Bella! Well, who knew. Mescun is yummy AND it’s a great dog bed!

  4. Hubby has booby trapped the pot, to try and stop her. He thinks the leaves might revive. I’m not so sure. They’re looking pretty sick.

  5. I’m not sure my last comment posted. I received an error. It’s one of those mornings. :)

    In my house, Not Me does everything. It’s difficult to catch the culprit since I have three boys, two cats, and a dog.

    I’m not sure I could yell at that cute face. :)

  6. LOL – I remember Not Me from my childhood days. A very naughty and disobedient person and always in trouble!

  7. I’ve never tried that before…You know Bella can’t help it. It is so fresh and cumfy..lo

  8. It’s good on sandwiches and in a salad because you just pick a few leaves. There’s no wastage.

  9. LOL naughty Bella.

  10. She sure has her moments!

  11. At least Bella was only sleeping on top, and not adding anything to contents. :)

  12. LOL That is a positive!

  13. Ha! Well done, detective! LOL

  14. There’s no way I could be upset at a face like that.